Top NZ Betting Sites in 2023

20 November 2023
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With countless sportsbooks available in NZ, it can be challenging to find the most suitable brands. That is where we come in and offer our readers a shortlist of the best NZ betting sites. By choosing one of the brands from our list, you can be certain that you will have only the top sports betting options in combination with some interesting promotions.

Moreover, we offer detailed reviews of the top online betting sites. You will easily find detailed information on the majority of top brands and find out what they have to offer. Our expert reviewers have years of experience in the field and provide updated and precise information.

What Do We Look For in the Best Betting Sites?

To categorise a brand as one of the top betting sites in NZ, they must meet certain standards. Namely, there are several elements that our experts inspect closely. At the same time, you can do your own research and check the availability and quality of these features.

However, these features only distinguish the top brands from average operators. In the end, you will have numerous operators that meet these criteria. The differences between the top brands are minimal, and it will mainly come down to your personal preference.

🏉 Betting Markets

While any sportsbook will, of course, have the most standard betting markets, it is the diversity that separates the top brands. Namely, the higher-ranking online betting sites offer more betting options.

Primarily, you will have the opportunity to bet on more sports at the top NZ sports betting sites. Furthermore, each sports section will have more diverse betting markets. In other words, you will have more options regardless of whether you are betting on international or local competitions.

🏅 Odds

After taking a closer look at the betting markets, our experts review the odds. Primarily, it is important that the brand offers competitive odds compared to other sportsbooks in the region.

While this requires thorough research, it is still something you can do. Luckily, you don’t have to, as we do it for you. We closely examine and compare odds from the brands in the region, if one is subpar, we don’t include them on our list of top NZ sports betting sites.

🎁 Promotions

The promotions are, for many Kiwi punters, the most important element of the operator. Namely, the promotions serve as incentives for new players to join or as loyalty bonuses for existing customers.

The most popular promotions are by far the welcome offers. However, while there are some elements that we can analyse, the quality of the offer also depends largely on the user. 

Elements that we can analyse are the bonus amount, wagering requirements, minimum deposit, etc. But at the same time, what one player considers an outstanding offer might be the opposite for another.

Nonetheless, we do our best to bring you only the top options when it comes to promotions. As we list several options, you can check them out and find the ones that suit you the most. You can be certain that the offers we list are among the top options you will find on the best NZ betting sites.

💳 Payment Methods

A wide range of payment options might not be a mandatory element, but definitely affects the quality of the operator. It is the small things that make the most difference between the top brands. Having versatile options such as Mastercard, PayPal, and others can be crucial for some users.

The reason we include a variety of payment options in our reviews is to further shorten the list of the top New Zealand sports betting sites. Our opinion is that in order for a brand to find its name on our list, it needs to check all the boxes regardless of their importance.

📱 Mobile App

Mobile accessibility today is another very important element not just for New Zealanders but for players around the world. To say that a brand is mobile accessible, the brand preferably needs to have an app for both platforms. If not, they need to have a mobile-friendly website optimised for any mobile device.

The top NZ sports betting sites have all these options available, allowing users to choose. Most importantly, the mobile platform needs to have the same features as the desktop version. 

❓ Customer Support and Safety

Lastly, having responsive customer support affects the overall score of the brand. The two major points of customer support quality are the diversity of options and responsiveness. A top online sports betting site will include both of these elements.

The most common methods include a live chat, email, and contact number. While the majority of customers rely mainly on live chat, having alternative options can be crucial. Nonetheless, it is more important that customers have 24/7 access to customer service.

We would like to specifically point out the importance of the operator’s security measures. This could easily be the first and most important element that you need to consider. Are you safe to use the operator’s services?

Primarily, any of the top online betting sites need to have several security measures. These measures imply securing the personal information of users with encryption and safeguarding their funds.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the regulations of the fair play element. International or off-shore brands need to hold proper licences to operate in specific regions. These licences also ensure that the brand follows the fair-play regulations.

In other words, having a proper licence is mandatory for a brand to operate in New Zealand. Online betting is legal in New Zealand, but only for licensed operators.

What Are the Advantages of Betting Online?

Betting online certainly comes with some advantages compared to standard brick-and-mortar operators. Starting with the most obvious, the accessibility. Kiwi punters and players around the world have the opportunity to access their favourite betting brands from almost anywhere around the world.

The convenience of having online operators at the tip of your fingers is one of the top benefits of betting online. Moreover, in New Zealand specifically, there are only a few land-based operators. With that in mind, online betting with international brands opens the door to countless unique opportunities.

⚽ Betting Markets

One of the unique opportunities is a wide range of betting markets. By having the option to choose from a list of brands, users will be able to find countless options. As each brand offers something unique, the options are vast.

🎁 Promotions

Promotions are one of the most popular features of online betting sites. This is a feature that you will rarely find in brick-and-mortar operators. However, they are a ubiquitous element in online betting.

⏰ Availability

Another element that is advantageous for online betting is the 24/7 availability of the operator. Unlike traditional bookmakers, online operators don’t need personnel to operate around the clock. If you want to use the brand’s service at any time of the day, you can.

🔒 Privacy

Lastly, another possible advantage of online betting is the anonymity and privacy you can have. While you need to provide some personal information to register, the information is not shared with anyone. Most importantly, you can have all the privacy you want in your betting activities.

In order for a brand to provide legal and safe services around the world, they need to have proper licences and security measures. However, this doesn’t imply that all brands available online have what it takes to create a safe environment for their customers.

With that in mind, you need to be careful when searching for your preferred online operator. There are numerous elements you can take into consideration to ensure the brand is secure.

Alternatively, you can take the easy way and use our expert reviews to check out a brand. One of the crucial elements of our reviews is the safety of the brand. This also includes the operator’s possession of the proper licence to operate in specific regions.

While the top NZ betting sites offer countless sports sections, punters from the region have their preferences. Some of the most popular sports to bet on in New Zealand include the following:

  • Football betting
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Horse Racing betting
  • Cricket betting

With the popularity of these sports sections, the online operators in the region ensure these sections have the most coverage. In other words, you can expect to find the most extensive list of betting options for these sports sections.

Sports betting is legal in New Zealand. While there are only a few land-based operators under the strict jurisdiction of the state, there are numerous off-shore alternatives.

However, in order for international brands to have a presence in New Zealand, they need to hold the proper licences. At the same time, you, as a customer, need to meet certain requirements to join the brand. Namely, the primary requirement is that you are of legal age, in this case, 18+, to join the online brands.

When it comes to the safety of joining online betting sites, it depends on the operator. There are brands that are less reliable. This is why you want to check out the brands from our list.

In our reviews, we pay special attention to the security measures of the brand. With that in mind, our list contains only the safest online brands you can join. You can rest assured knowing that you, your funds, and your information are well-secured at these betting sites.

What Are Some Betting Sites With Free Bets?

Promotions are a regular part of the majority of online betting sites. One of the most common rewards of the bonus options are free bets. However, in order to redeem this type of reward, users need to meet specific requirements, often including making a qualifying deposit.

You will find numerous brands that have similar promotions for both new and existing customers. Welcome offers are the most popular, but there are also daily, weekly, and other similar bonus options with this type of reward.

If you want to check out some of the top NZ betting sites that have some form of free bet bonus options, we have a few recommendations. Namely, it is important to find a trustworthy brand with this type of bonus. We recommend checking out the following:

  • Betway
  • William Hill
  • Mobilebet
  • 888sport
  • Betiton
  • Stake

Each of these brands has a unique welcome offer and additional bonus options you can check out. Moreover, these brands easily rank as some of the top NZ betting sites due to their overall quality.

Check out these brands and their promotions, and you will likely find something you find interesting. However, make sure to check out the requirements for each of the promotions. 

Each promotion has a unique set of terms and conditions you need to meet to redeem the offer. You can find this information on the website of the brand whose bonus you want to redeem.

Why Do Some Betting Sites Not Have Bonuses?

Due to the strict betting regulations in NZ betting sites, in some cases specific brands won’t offer promotions. Namely, the most common restriction applies to the welcome offers and any other incentives.

The reasoning behind the strict rules surrounding the welcome offers and similar promotions is to protect customers from potential harm from excessive betting. In other words, promotions are sometimes seen as incentives and inducements for customers. 

To prevent any potential problems in the future, the New Zealand law is trying to cut the root of the problem. However, the regulations don’t apply to all types of promotions, and bonus options still exist in New Zealand.

Moreover, the reason why certain operators don’t offer bonuses may also vary from brand to brand. Some may be a part of the Responsible Gaming features, but they are all means of protecting the customers.

Best Betting Sites to Check Out

Finally, we offer our list of the best betting sites in the region. You can check out each of these NZ betting sites and see if one of them works for you.


One of the most widespread and popular brands around the world is bet365. The operator ranks as one of the top betting sites available to New Zealand players.

Players who haven’t heard about bet365 should definitely check out the brand’s site, as they will find countless features. From sports betting to the casino, with numerous offers, bet365 likely has anything you are looking for.


At Betway, you have the opportunity to try out numerous sports betting options along with countless casino games. There are numerous reasons why we list Betway as one of the top NZ betting sites.

Primarily, the brand offers a top-notch betting experience with a vast array of options and a user-friendly interface. It is a great starting point for those looking to join one of the top betting sites in the region.

William Hill

The William Hill brand has a long-standing history in the betting industry. As one of the more popular brands worldwide, it easily finds its way to our list of top NZ betting sites. What makes the operator stand out is an extensive list of betting options and markets, including popular and niche sports.

We have to mention several other features, such as competitive odds, and numerous promotions. All of the features combined create an all-round brand worth checking out.


Betfair is a unique and innovative betting operator that stands out for its betting exchange platform. Compared to traditional bookmakers, where you bet against the operator, here you can bet against other players.

As a result, you might get better odds for certain markets. While the betting exchange is an already popular concept, Betfair takes it a step further. If this is something you find interesting, then Betfair is one of the top NZ betting sites for you.


Pinnacle is a well-respected brand around the world. They justify their name and a self-proclaimed title of the pinnacle of sports betting by offering countless options. New Zealanders might appreciate the operator’s straightforward and intuitive design, which makes it easy to try the numerous betting options.

With several fast deposit and withdrawal options, you can also enjoy the speed and safety of transferring funds. The brand lives up to the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable brand.

If you want to have quick access and betting opportunities at your fingertips, Mobilebet is the right choice for you. With services matching other top brands in the region, but with outstanding mobile support, they earn a spot on our list.


888sport is a reputable brand that has earned the trust of New Zealand bettors quickly. A comprehensive sportsbook combined with numerous promotions create another superb option for Kiwis.

In addition to the aforementioned, the brand focuses on creating a safe environment for their customers. With an emphasis on Responsible Gaming, all players will primarily be safe when joining the operator.


Lastly, another brand on our list of the top NZ betting sites is Betiton. The brand offers a well-rounded platform for New Zealand bettors. The smooth and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate and find their preferred betting options.

Despite the numerous features, everything is just a few clicks away. This is the primary reason why the brand is so popular both in New Zealand and worldwide. You can check out the site for a complete list of services of the brand.


If you need answers to some of the common questions about the NZ betting sites, check out the section below. In our review of the top betting sites in New Zealand, we have come across numerous questions to which we offer expert advice and solutions.

Can you bet online in New Zealand?

While New Zealand has some strict regulations in the world of sports betting, you can bet online. You need to join a licensed and secure brand first, and then deposit funds to be able to place your bets. Nonetheless, online sports betting and casinos are legal in NZ.

Is online betting popular in New Zealand?

With only a handful of land-based operators in the region, online betting has spread across New Zealand quickly. The world of online sports betting opens the door to a whole new world for Kiwi punters. It is slowly becoming more popular than standard brick-and-mortar betting.

Are betting bonuses available in New Zealand?

Depending on the brand and the specific regulations, some brands might not offer bonuses. However, there are numerous operators in New Zealand with promotions for both new and existing customers.

Which is the most trusted betting site?

There are numerous top NZ betting sites that are trustworthy. It is hard to specifically point out one saying they are the most trusted. bet365, Betway, William Hill and numerous others enjoy a worldwide reputation for being trustworthy.

18+ | Please play responsibly | Terms and Conditions apply | Commercial Content