Paul Parker Suggests New Position That  Could Unlock Antony

9 February 2024

Paul Parker suggests new position for Antony and says the club should avoid signing `potential burden´ Federico Chiesa

Antony has found his way back at Man United and got 30 minutes on the pitch against Brentford. Paul Parker suggests that a new position for Antony could help him utilise his skills more. The former England international also urges the club to avoid signing Juventus winger Federico Chiesa. 

In this article: 

  • Antony should play on the left wing
  • Man United should play an old-fashioned 4-4-2
  • Chiesa is a good player but he could end up being a burden at Utd
paul parker on manchester united

Antony Should Play on the Left Wing

Since the club bought Antony from Ajax, the Brazilian winger has struggled to find his best level, however, Parker might have found the solution, at least according to the former England international. Parker has been critical about Man United´s wide players for a while now and he thinks that Antony would be utilised better if he was used on the left wing. 

“Everyone knows that the wide area has been the problem at Man United for years now. They have been lacking consistency for a long time and they are not providing anything.”

“Antony has found his way back now, which also shouldn’t be too difficult because none of the wide players are performing well.”

I think Antony could be a good player for Man United but I think he should play on the left instead of the right-hand side.” 

According to Parker, Man United´s new center forward, Rasmus Hojlund, would benefit from having a winger who can attack the byline instead of being an inverted winger. 

“I think, giving Antony that position and giving Garnacho the chance on the right wing, would bring so much more power into this Man United team and Rasmus Hojlund would really benefit from it.”

“Antony would be able to deliver the ball early, so Hojlund doesn´t need to stop his run. With having wingers that go inside, that also slows down the tempo of the game and that’s not what a club like Man United should aim for.”

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Man United Should Play an Old-Fashioned 4-4-2

Manchester United have been well renowned for having wingers that can attack the byline and make the crosses, which the club, according to Parker, should go back to. 

We all remember how Ryan Giggs and David Beckham were dominant on each wing and Parker explains how wingers who play like they did would cause way more trouble for the opponents than inverted wingers. 

“In my opinion, a lot of teams and managers are making the mistake by using wingers that want to go inside. It’s the easiest thing to defend against as a defender. Every full back loves a winger that wants to go inside and take the shot.”

“On the other hand every fullback hates to play against a defender that wants to attack the byline and make the cross. It’s the same for strikers, they hate to play with wingers that go on the inside instead of the outside.”

“The problem is that everyone thinks it can work because Pep Guardiola does it. But Pep Guardiola is Pep Guardiola and he can make everything work.”

“It’s not going to happen but ideally, I would want Man United to go back to basics and play a bit more old fashioned football. I would not complain about an old fashioned 4-4-2 with wingers that attacks the byline to make a cross, but the case is that the modern fans will come at you and call you a dinosaur if you do that as a manager.”

Chiesa Is a Good Player but He Could End up Being a Burden at UTD

Another winger who has been linked to the club is Italy’s 2020 Euro standout, Federico Chiesa. Parker says that he likes the way Chiesa plays but urges the club to avoid signing him as he can end up being a burden due to his many injuries. 

Chiesa has been mentioned as a potential target for Man United who wants to reinforce their wide area, and Parker thinks the Juventus star is a good, old fashioned winger, however he is hesitating with bringing him in due to his many injuries. 

“I think Federico Chiesa is a good player and he is a good example of being a more old fashioned winger that I´ve mentioned I would prefer to have at Man United.”

“He has been playing a lot as a second striker this season for Juventus and he has been performing well. He has been injured quite a lot in his career so it’s good to see him performing regularly and I hope he can continue down that path.”

“He has lost his way a bit the past seasons so I wouldn´t recommend Man United to take the risk and bring him in right now. He can be a big burden to have around if he gets injured again.”

“I love his way of playing and if he can stay injury-free for a longer time, my answer could be different in a year or so but right now I wouldn’t bring him in.”