Premier League betting 2021: Read our complete guide

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Now is the time to start thinking about Premier League betting. But, many do not know how to bet on Premier League events. So, it is important to learn all the tips and tricks that you can before you put any money down. Luckily, this guide will help you learn the best process to place your wagers!

Top 7 sites to bet on Premier League

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Premier League Betting Odds

Firstly, you must do your research when looking to bet on any sporting event. And, in this case, that means looking at the track record of the various teams in the Premier League. Plus, you should look at their Premier League Odds. So, doing your research on a sportsbook helps make that easier.

Usually, your sportsbook of choice will list all the teams along with their Premier League Betting odds. You should keep in mind that Premier League Betting odds will change after every game, so you will want to keep up to date with the latest odds. And, these odds can change in between games as well. So, you need to keep on your research to have the most up to date information.

Premier League Betting

Now, the information that you will find about odds is some of the most important information that you will need when looking to place your wagers on the Premier League. But, you will also need more information to make any betting decisions. For instance, you will want to know when the games are taking place.

Schedule Premier League 2021

The Premier League Schedule also is a very important thing to know about when you are looking to bet on Premier League games. One of the reasons is because the Premier League odds can change from game to game. So, one of the most important Premier League wagering tips is to be familiar with the schedule below:

Top 6 matches to bet on:

  • To be announced

This schedule gives those looking to participate in Premier League betting many opportunities. Because there are multiple matches on most game days, you will have multiple chances to win each day. And, with the Premier League betting tips you learn, you will be the best at choosing the team to bet on.

However, you should make sure to look up your Premier League odds regularly to make sure you are up to date on the teams and their statuses. That way when you bet on Premier League games, you will know which teams are doing better than the others.

Premier League Betting Types

So, some other Premier League betting tips have to do with specific Premier League Betting Types. The type of bet that you place will determine what information will be most important to learn. That means you will want to know the types of bets you can place on this season.

Title winner / outright

An outright winner is a very popular type of bet in many sports. This is because many sports have a championship game that is the climax of the entire season. So, the entire season boils down to the last championship game.

The English Premier League also follows this type of format. Teams play each other throughout the season to determine who faces who in the championship. And, that means this is a very popular Premier League bet.

To place a title winner/outright winner bet is a very simple process. You just choose the team that you think will be the outright winner. It is that simple to place a Title Winner/Outright Winner bet.

Top 4 place / Champions League qualification

Another popular type of Premier League bet is the Top 4 Place/Champions League qualification bet. This type of bet is somewhat similar to the Title Winner/Outright Winner bet. In the Premier League, the top four teams automatically are qualified for the group stage at the Champions League.

So, a Top 4 Place bet is a bet on a team or teams to qualify for the group stage at the Champions League. You can place a bet on which teams you believe will fill all four slots. Or, you can place a bet that says you are sure of one team qualifying for the Champions League.

There are a few varieties in the type of Top 4 Place/Champions League qualification bets you can place. However, it is always a good idea to follow the Premier League tips from above and look up the team odds regularly as the season progresses. This way, you can place the most informed bets.

Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot

The top goalscorer/Golden Boot winner bet is another popular Premier League bet. This type of bet is on a particular player and not on a team. So, you do not need to follow the same Premier League tips for player bets as you do for team bets.

The Premier League Golden Boot is a football award that is presented annually to the leading goal scorer in the league. However, that does not mean the player will be on the championship team. So, the betting odds that you look at for teams may not be as helpful when trying to place a Top Goalscorer/Golden Boot award bet.

The most a single player has won the Golden Boot award has been four times. So, it is a good idea to look at past winners when trying to place a bet on this award. That way, you can see if the past winner is likely to win the Golden Boot again this year.

Relegation Odds

So, hopefully, you understand the way the Premier League works before you place your bets. The Premier League has three spots for Relegation each season. These relegation spots are given to the teams that place 18th, 19th, and 20th, respectively. 

The 18th, 19th, and 20th place finishing teams are demoted to the second tier, the Championship tier. The Championship playoff winners and the top two teams in that division will then replace the Relegation teams. So, it is not great to finish in 18th, 19th, or 20th place.

When placing relegation odds bets, you will want to make sure you are up to date on the odds of the different Premier League clubs. Then, you will be able to see who is not playing as well as the others. This knowledge will help you place your relegation odds bets.

Premier League Betting Tips

Premier League Betting Tips

Now that you have learned more about how to be on the Premier League and the types of bets offer, you will want more betting tips. To maximize your chances of placing winning bets, you will want all the information available. So, here are some tips for placing the best bets on the Premier League.

Bet Only When there is Value

So, this betting tip may seem easy. But, many do not know the best time to place bets. If you keep placing bets on a team that has high odds of winning their games, the payout is not as much. This is because it is very obvious that the team will continue to win games.

So, you can look into different types of bets to place to maximize your winnings. The types of bets listed above can be helpful to look into for this reason. Or, you can place points spread bets on underdog teams.

Keep in mind, placing bets on teams highly favoured to win can still payout. However, they will not pay out as much as other bets. But, it is still better to place a winning bet than it is a losing one.

Open Accounts with Multiple Operators

Opening accounts with multiple operators is a great betting tip for all sports. There are many reasons why. Having accounts with multiple operators has numerous benefits.

One benefit is that you will have betting odds from multiple sportsbooks to compare. If the odds seem the same across the board, you can feel more confident in the bets you place. And, you will have the best information available.

Another benefit of opening multiple accounts with many sportsbooks is that you get to take advantage of Premier League promotions that may be offered on multiple online sportsbooks. And, you will get to take advantage of the welcome offers at these multiple sportsbooks.

Keep Detailed Records of Your Bets

Another great tip when betting is to make sure to always keep a detailed record of your bets. You want to make sure you are fully aware of the bets you have placed and how they have turned out. And, you will want to make sure you are aware of any promotions you may have been betting under.

This way, you can learn from the bets you have placed. And, you can make sure not to make any mistakes in your betting that you have previously made. This will make you a better bettor in the end.

Follow Football Betting Tips

Now, some of the best football betting tips may be out there for you to find. So, you should make sure to follow websites and sportsbooks that offer football betting tips. You want to be the most educated bettor that is placing wagers.

You can find football betting tips in many places and can look up articles like this one to find football betting tips. That way, you can learn from different sources.

Also, some of the online sportsbooks offer football betting tips on their blogs. This is a way to set their sportsbook apart from the others. And, it makes it so customers enjoy their sportsbook more.

Do Your Research

This is perhaps the most important tip you will need when betting on any sports. It has been mentioned many times before, but it is extremely important to do your research. The most well-educated bettor will be placing the smartest bets.

So, it is important to keep checking the odds for the clubs. And, to check the odds for the Premier League players to see who will win the Golden Boot. Additionally, it is important to remember that these odds will change with every game played.

But also, you will want to make sure you are aware of any promotions offered for betting on the Premier League. A promotion can get you bonus cash whether you win or lose your bet, depending on the terms and conditions. So, research is important on many levels.

Live Streaming

So, now you know all about the best ways to place your bets on the Premier League. This means you will want to know how to watch the Premier League. And, luckily for you, there are multiple ways to watch this season.

No bookmakers have the rights to Premier League Live Streaming. So, you will want to make sure to research what local stations will be offering Premier League live games. And, you will want to see if any TV networks offer the ability stream from a desktop site or on an app from your phone.

Also, Sky Sports, BT Sport, as well as Amazon Prime will now be airing Premier League games come this season. This means that you should check out and see if they are live streaming options that can work for you. Live Streaming is very popular, so you should be able to find a carrier that works for you.

Premier League betting around the world

Although the Premier League takes place exclusively in the UK, other European countries also have an equivalent top division. Many people enjoy betting on Italian Serie A and the Superliga Top Scorer for example, which attract thousands of fans every year. You can bet on foreign leagues as a resident of India, and you can have fun watching the matches.

Premier League History

Of course, if you are interested in the Premier League, you will want to know some the history. The top level of the English football league system is known as the Premier League and has twenty clubs competing for each season.

Originally called the FA Premier League, the competition began in late February 1992. The Premier League is the most-watched sports league globally. Forty-nine clubs have competed in the Premier League since its beginning in 1992.

In 1995, the number of clubs set to compete was lowered to twenty from twenty-two. The name was changed to Premier League from FA in 2007. So, the Premier League has existed in this form for about twelve years now.


Here is a frequently asked questions section to help answer any questions you may still have. And, if any questions have been left unanswered, remember to do your research!

How to bet on the Premier League?

Start creating an account on a bookmaker site, several offers are dedicated to new customers. Then check the odds and place a bet.

Who won the first Premier League?

The champions of the first season were Manchester United.

Which football club in the Premier League has the most titles?

Currently Manchester United holds the record after winning the division a total of 13 times between 1992 and 2019.

Premier League Betting Conclusion

Now, you have learned everything you need to know about Premier League Betting. You know what types of bets are offered. And, you have any tips for making the best of your wagering on the Premier League.

So, you should be able to make the best Premier League Betting choices. And, you will be able to do the research necessary to make the best bets. This means you should have a good time placing your bets on this season!