Esports Betting 2024 | How to Bet on Esports in Zambia?

27 May 2024

By reading our Esports betting review, players from Zambia can learn how and where to bet on esports. If you want to bet on esports, you should know about the most popular games and betting markets.

Esports Predictions Today

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But, the available options will depend on the operator. With numerous operators in the region, we review and list some of the top options. Continue reading to learn more about betting on esports.

How to Bet on Esports?

Betting on esports is a simple process. Almost identical to regular sports betting, it involves placing bets on esports. There are numerous betting options, depending on the game, markets, and other elements of the section.

Nonetheless, the process is effortless. You need to create an account with a brand that offers betting on esports.

Once you do, deposit funds into your account, and go to the esports section. Find adequate markets and place your bet. But, the hard part is finding the right markets.

Esports Betting

Betting Markets

The esports betting section comes with an abundance of betting markets. But, these are not the traditional sports betting markets. These include betting on players individually and betting on various elements depending on the game, such as First Blood, First Map Win, etc.

You can find numerous options depending on both the brand and the game.

The most popular esports games include several different genres of games. Thus, you can find MOBAs like DotA2, League of Legends, but also FPS games such as CS: GO, Vallorant, etc. The list of games goes on, and you can easily bet on any if they are available with your operator.

Betting on a player’s performance is another option if you want to bet on esports. Thus, there are a lot of very popular players in each game. Similarly, this section also brings a lot of interesting markets such as MVP, Player with the most kills, First to die, etc.

Best Esports Betting Sites in Zambia

As mentioned, there are a lot of top brands available in Zambia. With that in mind, we provide a brief overview of some of the top options. The following are some which offer betting on esports with the most versatile offer and other elements.

bet365 Esports Betting

bet365, if the brand is available in the region, offers customers the option to bet on esports. Their potential list of offers includes some of the most popular games, such as LoL, DotA2, CS: GO, etc.

But the section also includes interesting betting markets with competitive odds.

BetWinner Esports Betting

BetWinner is another top brand available in Zambia that offers betting on esports. By joining the brand, you get access to a diverse esports section.

The operator’s list of options also includes some local competitions. Meaning you can bet on numerous options, not only on the largest and most popular tournaments.

Betway Esports Betting

Last but not least, Betway is another brand with options for betting on esports. Players will find numerous features available upon joining.

The operator provides an all-round immersive experience. With that, they are one of the top brands to consider if you want to bet on esports in Zambia.

Esports Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on esports, there are no guaranteed tips to help you win. But, there are some useful recommendations you can implement to help you in your search for the right betting options.

But, it will still fall on you to make the final choice in deciding the betting markets you want.

Do Your Research

The essential element of finding adequate betting options is doing research.

There are several factors you can include in your analysis, such as the previous form, current standings, previous encounters etc. Use these stats, and try to find adequate options.

Focus on One Game

By focusing on one game, you will become more familiar with it. This helps in doing your research.

If you are aware of what happens in a game and have a better understanding, you will be able to do your research more efficiently. You can combine several bets into an accumulator bet.

Use Helpful Tools

There are some instruments that you can use that can help you in your search.

For example, when trying to find a value bet, you can easily calculate the risk compared to the odds. For this, you can try the bet calculator, which can help you calculate whether the bet has value.

Explore Various Markets

While focusing on a single game could benefit the player, doing the same for betting markets might not.

You can use the same betting markets and potentially benefit from them. But you can also experiment. Betting on esports brings a whole new world of betting markets, and you can always consider some different options.

Follow the Trend

Another thing you can do is follow the trend. Check out the latest betting tips, and while you don’t necessarily have to bet on the same tips, you can use them to help you in your research.

If there is a trend for a specific market, it is likely for a reason. 

Know Your Limits

A crucial element for any bettor is to ensure they don’t overdo it.

You need to be aware of your limits, and make sure you don’t go past them. This means that if you make a losing bet, you should not try and make a recovery bet. 

If you notice that you are having any issues with gambling, navigate to the Safer Gambling section. Here you can find out more about limitations, and get assistance with any potential issues. 

What Are Esports Betting Odds?

Esports brings along an entirely new world of betting markets and odds for players. The following are some of the more interesting betting markets.

First Blood

The first blood includes betting on a player who will ‘draw first blood’ in a round. The market is available in almost any PvP game which involves fighting. In CS:GO and DotA2, for example, it is the player who kills an opponent first.

First-Round Winner

The self-explanatory market First-Round Winner has players betting on who wins the first round.

This market is primarily popular in CS:GO, as the game has players fighting over several rounds. You will also find it in many other games.

Over/Under KDA

The standard version of the over/under betting market is making a prediction on whether a player will have more or less than a given line.

In esports, this can relate to kills, deaths, and assists. This is a very popular option when betting on a player’s performance.

Esports Betting Review

In summary, esports betting is very similar to standard sports betting. The process is almost identical, but by betting on esports, you have a whole new world of betting markets.

Most importantly, you will find that many top brands offer the service in Zambia. With that, placing a bet on esports should be effortless.

Best Esports Betting Tournaments

The following are the most significant tournaments of some of the most popular games. The following games have numerous tournaments throughout the year, but we name only the most bet-on competitions.

League of Legends

Riot Games’ League of Legends is a very popular MOBA game. The biggest tournament, and the most important trophy for each League player, is the World Championship.

Commonly known as Worlds, it is the culmination of the season where only the best teams compete for the ultimate prize.

Dota 2

DotA2 is one of the original MOBAs, and today, it is a game with the highest ever prize-pool. The International is a yearly competition, with an interesting format.

Eighteen teams enter the competition, and after two separate round-robin groups, two teams get eliminated. The remaining teams battle for the chance to stand at the top of the DotA2 world.


CS:GO is one of the most popular options in the world of esports betting. The most prestigious tournament is the CS:GO Major Championship.

The format of the tournament includes 24 teams. Each team plays five rounds against another, but only one team play twice if necessary.


The Fortnite World Cup tournament is split into two categories. One for single players, and one for two-man teams, commonly known as duos.

The contest is the most popular betting option for Fortnite players and fans.


FIFAe World Cup is the largest tournament in the game’s history. This annual competition has 32 of the world’s best players competing 1v1.

While the game’s prize pool is nothing compared to that of other games, it is a 1v1 game, meaning only one player gets the reward for first place.

Esports Betting FAQ

The following section answers some of the most frequently asked questions about esports betting in Zambia. You can also find answers to any additional questions on the website of the brand you join.

Can you bet on esports in Zambia?

Yes, if you join a brand where esports is available, you can legally place bets on the section. There are numerous brands available in the region, and you will find a variety of betting options.

How do you bet on esports games?

Betting on esports games is effortless. You need to have an account with a funded brand that offers betting on esports. Access your account and go to the esports section. Find the desired markets and add them to your slip. Enter the stake, and place your bet. It is fast and simple, almost identical to standard sports betting.

What are the best esports betting sites?

There are numerous betting sites with esports in their repertoire available in Zambia. While there are numerous top options, some you can check out include bet365, Betway, and BetWinner.

What does +1.5 mean in esports betting?

The +1.5, or any other handicaps, are used as a means to equal the odds between two teams or players. The margin is set for the weaker team, and if they lose with a difference lesser than the margin, you still win your bet. But, it can relate to other betting markets depending on the brand.