Top 5 Cricket Betting Strategies to Beat the Bookie 2023

2 December 2023
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Cricket betting strategies are developed by cricket experts who have tried and tested these methods to help punters with better bankroll management during betting. The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 is here, and it’s time you get some of the best strategies for cricket betting online.

We will also share some of the best IPL betting sites with welcome bonuses and cricket apps for betting. You can download the cricket apps for betting to bet on IPL matches through your mobile.

Top 5 IPL Cricket Betting Strategies: How to Win When Betting?

If you are considering betting on the IPL this season, it is best to learn some cricket betting tricks and strategies. Our experts recommend some of the top betting tips to help you make more successful predictions during IPL betting.

Some of the top IPL cricket betting strategies are:

  1. Don’t focus entirely on the “Top Batsman” market
  2. Try Bonus Bagging
  3. Analyse pitch and weather conditions
  4. Explore early wickets trade
  5. Some markets are better for live betting
Cricket Betting Strategies

Don’t Focus Entirely on “Top Batsman”

The top batsman is one of the popular betting markets in the IPL matches and cricket tournaments online. It is a market where bettors have to predict the highest run-scorer of the match. The market becomes active when multiple top batters are in the ongoing match and it comes in two formats:

1. Predict the top batsman from the same team

2. Predict the top run scorer from both teams in the match

Now, as simple as it might seem, the task of picking the top scorer during a match is not an easy one. Many times, there could be top players on both teams. This causes definite confusion among the bettors. Here is where we come in with our strategies to make things easier for you.

Know the players and their performance in different game formats.

Some perform well during the test Matches but do not live up to expectations in other formats like T20 and ODIs.

In such cases, our experts recommend bettors track the recent performance of players in these different formats and bet accordingly.

The pitch report also gives an idea of how a player might perform during the match.

Again, different cricket ground pitch works differently for each batsman. In the spin-friendly ground, our Indian batsmen can ace through their runs. However, if the pitch is bouncy, their performance alters.

But, of course, some players are known to execute runs irrespective of the type of pitch they are on. Hence, we would want our readers to rely on this idea completely but rather consider it as a backup option to decide on wagers.

It is common for players to have good and bad phases in their careers. Recently, we saw the ace batsman Virat Kohli could not perform up to the mark in many matches. However, he has now made a ground-breaking comeback that has cheered his Indian fans.

So, we suggest keeping track of the performance of top batsmen and reassure what phase they are in before placing bets on them.

Try Bonus Bagging

New customers at online betting sites are offered multiple free bet offers which are a preffed type of bonus as it gives an extra reward. When you claim these offers, you are basically bonus bagging. Let’s take for example IPL betting sites. There, usually, the exclusive offers are presented as 100% first-deposit deals. So, apart from having your deposit amount, you also have a bonus matching your deposit amount. Now you have a double wagering amount in your betting account, which you must use carefully for successful predictions.

One way is by placing bets on both the outcomes of a single market. For instance, if you decide to bet on the ‘Team to Win’ market, you can place bets on either team that you believe might win. However, we suggest you use your deposit amount to place a bet on one team that you think might win. Then use your free bets to place a wager on the other team in the match.

This way, no matter which team wins, you are assured of your wager. Of course, you lose one of your bets.

Analyse Pitch and Weather Conditions

We already covered how the pitch can influence performance, and even the weather conditions play a pivotal role in this matter.

The condition of the pitch is usually dependent on the type of ground soil and the weather of the place. We will give an idea of how exactly these conditions reflect on a cricketer’s performance.

1. If there is higher clay content in the pitch, the ball bounces more. When the bowler gets the ball to bounce more than the usual height, it will touch the bat at a greater height than what is generally expected. These are the tricks used by the bowlers to downgrade the batsman’s performance.

2. In the Indian subcontinent pitches, you will find less clay content in most of the areas. Hence, the ball bounce is less. Also, the hot temperatures here dry out the moisture in the clay and crack the tracks. This, in turn, produces uneven ball bounces and turns which makes it difficult for batsmen to judge and act quickly for better outcomes.

3. Now compare our sub-continent tracks to the Australian pitches, which have higher clay content. So, obviously, there is no crack in the pitches, and the ball bounces well, favouring the batsman. Hence, it is often seen that the players from this region struggle in sub-continent pitches which produce uneven bounce.

As you can see, different bowling tracks, weather conditions, players from different regions etc., everything affects the match.

Explore Early Wickets Trade

In any IPL match, the way to increase the score is to not lose early wickets. The scores are often gathered in the powerplay overs that determine if the team can win. So, when you find the opposite team taking early wickets in this period, the odds can also change tremendously here. This is your cue for backing the batting team to win. After the team has played a few balls, you can cash out as the odds reduce.

Here are the top requirements to use the early wickets trade:

  • Wickets taken in the first 3 to 5 overs
  • This applies to the first innings only

Some Markets are Better for Live Betting

Cricket betting sites have brought many betting markets for customers. Some opt for pre-match betting, but some bring good success if used for live IPL betting. We will discuss some of the top markets here that are ideal for live betting.

1. Match Winner

Well, most of us wish to back the IPL team, which is based on the state that we live in. However, if you want to win your bet, then go by the performance of the teams involved in a match.

Although it seems simple to just use a pre-match bet on one of the teams and be done with it, we recommend opting for live betting on this market. This is because each team’s performance varies every match and is also dependent on the opposite team they are facing.

Once you see how the teams and players are performing, you will easily know which teams have higher odds of winning the match. Only then place the bets on the ‘Match Winner’ market through in-play.

2. Man of the Match

This is another betting market which needs in-depth match analysis to bet on. The Man of the Match title is given to the player of either of the teams (winning team or losing team) who has contributed majorly in the particular IPL match. It is not necessary for this player to be from the winning team only. The Man of the Match title can be grabbed by the player from the losing team also.

So, it is not possible for bettors to just guess one of the players from both teams to place pre-match bets. We recommend watching the match to understand the game dynamics and top players’ performance. Then pick one of these players to place your wager.

3. Total Match Boundaries

This bet refers to the total number of fours and sixes (boundaries) scored by one of the teams in the IPL match. Again, it is best to watch the match and look at players playing the powerplay overs and their performance. Once you have some idea of how the game is going, you can easily bet on this market.

You can either bet it in the range form (like 25-40 boundaries) or opt for totals (under/over) betting style.

Classic Cricket Betting Strategies

The classic cricket betting strategies are based on various factors like teams, players, odds, etc. Here we will discuss some of the top strategies that can help Indian bettors for easy IPL betting sessions.

Dogon Betting Strategy

The Dogon system is a mathematical cricket strategy. Don’t worry, it’s just simple math that requires you to increase the bet amount every time you lose.

So, the catch here is for every bet you lose, you place the next wager more than your previous bet. This is with the hope that you win this bet and be able to recover the loss you made in the previous bet. Well, it is best for placing small bets or during the initial bets. If it keeps multiplying to greater value, bettors can go bankrupt. Hence, we encourage you to use this strategy within a limit only.

Suppose you place an initial bet of ₹500 and lose it. You have to now place ₹1000 bet, which includes the current bet of ₹500 and another ₹500 to recover the previous loss. If you win your second bet, you will obviously get back your previous bet.

In case of loss of the second bet, you then place a third bet of ₹2,000. Again, this is in the hope of recovering losses gained in the first two bets and winnings of the third wager.

Flat Betting Strategy

A flat betting strategy is the best deal for punters looking to keep their bankroll in check. All you have to do is set a bet amount and use that betting limit for over a period to place wagers. The time could vary from a month to a year.

There are different flat cricket betting strategies:

  • Static Flat bet: The bet size is around 1% to 2% of the bankroll.
  • Academic Flat bet: Here, the stake size varies from 1% to 3% of your bankroll.
  • Aggressive Flat bet: This is slightly higher, ranging from 6% to 10% of the bankroll.
  • Chaotic Flat bet: This is the top-level flat bet with a stake amount going from 10% and above.

Percentage of Bank Betting

Percentage of bank strategies for cricket betting helps to maintain a balanced bankroll. However, your bet amount keeps increasing and decreasing depending on your wins and losses. This is another mathematical cricket strategy which is easy to learn and apply.

Consider you have a bankroll of ₹10,000 for an IPL match between RCB Vs CSK. You maintain a 5% game-related betting strategy here. Then you go on to bet on a market of RCB with an amount of ₹500 (5% of ₹10,000), and you win the wager. Now, you have ₹10,500 in your account.

Next, you again place your second bet with ₹525 (5% of ₹10,500). Suppose you win the second bet also, which will increase your bankroll to ₹11,025 (₹10,500 + ₹525). However, if you lose the second bet, it would reduce your balance to ₹9,975. So, now your third bet amount will be ₹498.75 (5% of ₹9,975).

As you can see, you are betting around the initial bankroll that you had maintained. The bet amount automatically increases or decreases based on your wins or losses of your previous wagers. This ensures lowered losses and smaller wins.

Oscar’s Grind Cricket Betting System

In Oscar’s Grind strategy, bettors increase their next bet by a percentage every time they win the bet. This strategy is more successful on the betting outcomes of 2/1 decimal odds or 2.0 coefficient. So, every time you win, you double your bet size.

Let’s assume a bankroll of ₹10,000 and a constant betting percentage of 5% of the bankroll, which is ₹500.

Now, your first bet is ₹500, and you win it increasing the total bankroll amount to ₹10,500. Next, you double your betting amount, which will be ₹1,000. If you lose your second bet, it reduces the overall bankroll to ₹9,500.

Your third bet will be ₹500 (which is a 5% constant that we set in the beginning itself). On losing the third bet, the bankroll again reduces to ₹9,000.

As you can see, the bet amount is doubled every time you win and is constant on your losses.

Ladder System

The Ladder system is one of the popular strategies for cricket betting. It is used to bet along with the average coefficient ranging from 1.1 to 1.3. In this system, bettors generally place their entire bankroll as the bet.

You use the coefficient as a ladder to place bets. This game-related betting strategy has a higher risk compared to other strategies for cricket betting.

Danish Cricket Betting System

The Danish cricket betting system requires bettors to increase the betting amount on every loss. Along with the bet amount, you will also increase the coefficient in steps of 0.5. The initial coefficient can be anything of your choice. This ensures you recover your losses in the further stages.

However, many experts are not in favour of this strategy. It is because every time you increase your betting amount on a loss, there is no guarantee that you will win this bet. So, if you end up on a losing streak, your bankroll is affected.

Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

Kelly Criterion system is based on a formula which is as follows:

B= (RxW – L)/R

If we break it down, here’s what the letters stand for:

  • B is your Bankroll;
  • W is the probability of winning the bet;
  • L is the probability of losing the bet;
  • R is your decimal odds – 1;

This is useful for placing single bets rather than multiple bets. Overall, it secures your bets and reduces the chances of losing larger amounts.

How to Make a Successful Elementary Cricket Betting Strategy?

Here are some of the tips and IPL betting pointers to make successful strategies for cricket betting:

  • Don’t wager more than you can afford: Always maintain a bankroll that you can afford to lose. Never wager the entire amount on a single bet. Use 3 to 5% of your bankroll for various wagers to ensure some winnings and returns.
  • Examine individual player form: Before betting on any player, whether he is your favourite or not, we recommend examining their forms.
  • Follow live statistics online: Live stats give insights into the match that you may not understand just by watching it. Use knowledge from both- the match and live stats- for successful betting ventures.
  • Consider in-play over/under cricket markets: Over/under bets can be placed on the total runs of players or teams during in-play, which is one of the basic bets best for new bettors.
  • Bet on undervalued matches: The matches that are not popular among the mainstream public generally have better odds.
  • Know the Cricket formats: There are top three cricket formats- IPL T20, ODI and test series. Each player has a strong suit in some of these formats. So, know the format and the players’ strengths to predict the right bets.
  • Choose legal cricket sites: We recommend betting on legal and licensed sites such as 22Bet, 1xBet, Parimatch, 10Cric etc., which are reliable to use.

Key Takeaways

Although we have mentioned a lot of info on various strategies for cricket betting, cricket markets, etc., you can be selective of what is beneficial to you. You do not have to apply all the strategies for cricket betting during IPL betting. Just opt for that T20 strategy for betting that you know can benefit you and can also apply effortlessly during the match.

Have a budget for the IPL betting and stick with the budget whether you win or lose the bets.

Do not try to use the money meant for important tasks such as rent, bills, school fees, etc.

Always gamble responsibly and within limits to ensure a healthy betting experience.

Top Cricket Bookies to Bet On

Well, currently, there are many leading cricket bookies that offer betting services in India. However, we recommend the three best IPL betting sites for our Indian readers:

1. 1xBet

    • Top Betting Site in India
    • Fast & Secure Payments
    • Competitive exclusive offers

2. Parimatch

    • App for India
    • Sports & Casino

3. Betwinner

    • Event Betting
    • Great for Live Betting

Cricket Betting Strategies FAQ

We hope to have covered most of the important factors that are sure to help Indian punters in IPL 2023 betting. We also recommend trying some of the T20 strategy for betting. Additionally, we have answered some common doubts below on IPL betting strategy:

How to Bet successfully on Cricket?

Check out our list of best strategies for cricket betting to ensure successful IPL betting.

What is the Best Cricket Betting Strategy for New Players?

We recommend the Percentage of Bank betting system as the best cricket betting strategy for new players. Here, you only spend a small percentage of your bankroll placing wagers, minimising heavy losses.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting Strategy?

Read all the cricket betting strategies that we have mentioned in the article above a few times till you understand. Once you understand the tricks and realise the easiest and most beneficial strategy, go with it.

Which is the Top IPL Betting Strategy?

According to our experts, Oscar’s Grind is the top IPL betting strategies cricket.

Can I make Money by Applying an Elementary Cricket Betting Strategy?

You can make a more successful prediction using cricket betting strategies.

Which is the IPL Betting Site in India with the Best Welcome Bonus?

Currently, 1xBet and Parimatch have the best welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000.

Do BBL Matches have Good Betting Odds like IPL Matches?

Yes, BBL matches have good betting odds similar to IPL matches.

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