BetWinner Prediction June 2023 | BetWinner Jackpot Prediction for Today

1 June 2023
Jarin Ahmeti
Published on June 1, 2023 Last updated on June 1, 2023 

The BetWinner prediction is currently going on and any punter with a registered account can take part. And to know more about how you can use the BetWinner tips, just take a look at our article.

BetWinner Prediction Today

Last modified: 2023-06-01 22:31:59 UTC+ 0
Yield: 4.69%
Tokyo Verdy vs Blaublitz Akita
J. League 2
14/09 12:00
Tokyo Verdy to win
Tokyo Verdy and Blaublitz Akita are meeting here and my tip for this match is the home side to win which is priced 2.15 at this very moment. The home side is really strong and I think they should be in...
Yield: -3.32%
Binacional vs Carlos A. Mannucci
Primera Division Apertura
04/06 01:00
Over 3 goals
Probably this game will record over 3 goals as home team will do all possible to defeat her guest. With a record of 4w-1d-3l in her home games, Binacional will be more offensive at play. Guest will be...
Yield: -3.32%
Deportivo Garcilaso vs Union Comercio
Primera Division Apertura
04/06 03:30
Under 1 goals in 1st half
Home team has got a sure winning bet in this game and will defeat her host by at least a goal difference. With a record of 2w-5d-3l, she has a fair chance to win. Guest is not in form at present having...
Yield: -3.32%
Asociacion Deportiva Tarma vs Alianza Lima
Primera Division Apertura
03/06 03:00
Alianza Lima to win
Tarma is not in a shape to resist her guest in this game from getting the full points, thus guest will win if just by a goal. Having got 7 wins and 3 losses in last 10 games, Alianza Lima is the better...
Yield: -3.32%
Sporting Cristal vs Cienciano
Primera Division Apertura
02/06 03:00
Both teams to score: yes
Sporting cristal has got a sure winning bet in this game as the last 10 games have a record of 5w-3d-2l and has got a good home performance. Home team to defeat her opponent here by a good goal margin....
Yield: -3.32%
Binacional vs Carlos A. Mannucci
Primera Division Apertura
04/06 01:00
Carlos A. Mannucci to win
I will like to try this tip as there is nothing impossible in football. Though not in her best of shape but has got a record of 5w-1d-4l in her last 10 games. Thus will challenge her host. Home team has...
Yield: -3.32%
Deportivo Municipal vs Alianza Atletico
Primera Division Apertura
03/06 22:00
Over 3 goals
Alianza Atletico can not be predicted in this encounter as she has an average of 2.8 goals in her last 6 games. Thus there is a good chance that this game will record over 3 goals. Home team will be more...
Yield: -3.32%
Atletico Grau vs Academia Cantolao
Primera Division Apertura
04/06 20:00
Academia Cantolao +1.50 (AH)
Though has got no hope to win as she is in a bad shape at present, but guest will not be defeated by more than a goal by her host here. With a record of 1w-4d-5l in her last 10 games, guest will be defensive...
Yield: -3.32%
Sport Boys vs Sport Huancayo
Primera Division Apertura
04/06 22:30
Sport Huancayo to win
The visiting team will capitalise on the current weakness of the home team here to win by just a goal difference. Though not in her best of forms, Huancayo will challenge her host to a win. Sport boys...
Yield: -3.32%
Universidad Cesar Vallejo vs CD UT Cajamarca
Primera Division Apertura
05/06 01:00
Under 2 goals
This encounter will record a low number of goals as botteams will be defensive as they struggle to defeat each other. Thus a balanced gane will be seen. Home team has the tendency not to be defeated by...

We have our own BetWinner tips in this section for the BetWinner prediction. However, these may vary slightly from the tips you’ll find on the official website.

And if you want the most accurate BetWinner tips, you can visit the official website.

BetWinner Correct Score Prediction

There are currently no new tips. Check again later.

We also have some BetWinner tips that you can take a look at for the correct score prediction. Again, these might be a bit different from the official BetWinner correct score prediction tips.

And you can simply visit the official site of BetWinner if you want to get the most accurate tips.

BetWinner Prediction

BetWinner Jackpot Prediction

You can take part in the jackpot prediction without even using the BetWinner promo code: BEMYZM. To take part in the game, all you need to do is visit the official website and head over to the jackpots page.

The BetWinner jackpot has certain stipulations. And your task is to meet those conditions and then place a bet.

Your initial stake will be determined before the start of a game.

The countdown begins right after the first bet. The winnings are calculated based on the odds.

You can find the exact formula in the Terms and Conditions of the BetWinner jackpot page.

How Did We Choose Our BetWinner Tips?

You might be wondering how we picked our own BetWinner tips to add to this guide. And there are a few tricks that we can tell you about. Most seasoned punters will already be aware of the basics.

However, if you’re new to the BetWinner prediction, we can tell you about some of our tips.


BetWinner has a wheel jackpot and also a correct score jackpot.

For the wheel, there’s not much you can do in terms of strategy. The reason for that is it’s mostly based on luck and the colour you select.

However, when you take part in the BetWinner correct score prediction, you might want to do a bit of research. The very first thing you need to do is make note of the games that are included in the jackpot.

You also need to do a bit of research into each of the players and what kind of form they’re in. Even the smallest of details such as the pitch, the circumstances of the games, and even the mindset of a team may have an effect on the outcome.  

Previous Statistics

Previous statistics can refer to a lot of things when you take part in the BetWinner jackpot prediction. This might even give you some insight into which colour the wheel may land on before you place your bets.

Again, previous stats of a team and a player also give you knowledge of what the outcome of the next game may be. This might help you figure out how injuries might change the outcome of a game and how you should place your bets.

Avoid Heavy Favourites

Odds are correct a lot of the time, but not always. No matter which game you play and which BetWinner prediction you take part in, you’ll always have to take a look at the odds.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the odds might fluctuate a lot. Based on the score of the game and any recent developments, the odds might turn around completely.

And the way you can predict the correct outcome is by keeping track of all external factors, not just the odds.

Injury Sheets

Injuries might happen to even the best and strongest of players. And the most accurate way to get updates on an injury is by keeping track of team injury sheets.

Just one player in a particular squad being injured might drastically change a lot of things in a game. It might force the coach to make a lot of changes to the line-ups and it might even change the way the team plays.

So, one good tip is to always stay ahead of the injuries in all teams that are participating.

Understand the Rules

In any type of jackpot, you need to understand the rules very well first. The wheel jackpot at BetWinner is quite interesting.

And when you initially enter the jackpot page, you’ll find the Terms and Conditions right there.

One great idea is to read the terms very thoroughly and understand the rules. This will help you make correct predictions.

BetWinner Zambia Prediction FAQs

We’ll conclude our guide on the BetWinner prediction in Zambia with a short FAQ section.

How do You Play Jackpot on BetWinner?

To take part in the BetWinner jackpot, you need to meet specific requirements mentioned by the sportsbook. You can even send messages in the chat. And then you need to pace a bet.

How to Win the BetWinner Predictions?

To be quite honest, there aren’t any guaranteed tips that can help you win the BetWinner jackpot prediction. The outcome of the wheel could be anything. And you need to place a bet as part of the prediction.
When placing your bet, you can take a few different factors into consideration. This includes the circumstances of the game, the injured players, and the way the game flows in general. But we recommend focusing on having fun rather than just getting the BetWinner prediction.

What is BetWinner Maximum Winning?

Your bonus is calculated with a specific formula. And the maximum amount you can stake is 2321.18 ZAR. Based on the stakes on all other colours of the wheel is how you can calculate your bonus.