1xBet Agent Registration

15 June 2022
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Do you know that you can be a 1xBet agent and enjoy several benefits, including attractive commissions? 1xBet, one of the world’s most prominent betting networks, is offering private individuals an opportunity to become agents of the online sports betting company.

If you don’t know what being an agent entails, this article is for you. We will discuss who a 1xBet agent is, the registration requirements, and what to expect from this position.

1xBet Agent: How Does It Work?

1xBet has over 10 years of experience in online betting. Several punters can attest to claiming the bonus from activating the 1xBet promo code, so when this multinational company extends an invitation to individuals to act as its agents, that is definitely a big deal.

1xBet Agent

A 1xBet agent is an individual who operates a physical outlet of the betting site. They work in collaboration with the bookmaker in initiating bets. This agent can be referred to as the betting broker for the company. As an agent of the online bookmaker, your role involves seeking out bettors, accepting deposits, and processing payouts.

Agents receive special commissions. As punters use 1xBet services through an agent, the agent representing the betting company gets an attractive reward. So you get compensated by 1xBet for standing as a middleman between the bookmaker and customers.

To prepare you for this position, the 1xBet training and support team provides training and all the necessary information needed to grow and run the outlet successfully.

Conditions To Become A 1xBet Agent

There are certain requirements to become an agent of 1xBet. Below are the registration requirements for individuals who intend to become agents for the online bookmaker.

  1. The potential agent must be an adult of legal age.
  2. You must own a working gadget with a stable internet connection.
  3. After the 1xBet agent registration, you will go through a verification process organised by the betting company.
  4. After being verified, create an account with the betting site and deposit into the account. This deposit will fund punters’ accounts.
  5. Install the agent mobile application on your device and fund players’ accounts when needed.

1xBet Agent: Benefits

Being an agent of 1xBet comes with certain benefits. In addition to the commission, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

1xBet Agent Benefits

Operate A Betting Business Without Investing Your Funds Into It

As we all know, running a business in Nigeria is nearly impossible without investing personal funds. However, being a 1xBet agent makes this possible.

As an agent of the online bookmaker, you don’t need to invest your money into the business. All that is required of you is to act as an intermediary between the bookmaker and customers and get paid for it.

Work From Any Location at Any time

You can work from anywhere in the world as an agent. Plus, you get to choose your working hours and on which days you will work.

How To Register As A 1xBet Agent?

To register as a 1xBet agent is quite easy. Simply search for 1xbetagent.shop in your browser. Go to the registration form, where you are to fill in the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Country/Telephone Number
  • Terminal Location Address (the location you intend to operate from).

After filling out the registration form, you will immediately get a confirmation email. The email confirms your application and informs you that a manager, who will give you further instructions, will contact you.

1xBet Agent Registration

How Much Is The 1xBet Agent Commission?

As earlier mentioned, being a 1xBet comes with several attractive features. Among these is the commission offered after carrying out a transaction on behalf of the bookmaker.

Agents earn a 2-5% commission for every deposit carried out and a 2% commission for withdrawals.

In addition to this commission, agents are offered a final percentage of their earnings; however, this isn’t a fixed sum as it depends on the agent’s location and other parameters. So what an agent from Nigeria gets can differ from what another gets in a different geographical zone.

Although there isn’t a fixed amount, an agent benefits from a well-compensated financial structure by the online bookmaker for their time and services.

Is There A Registration Fee For 1xBet Agents?

No, there isn’t any registration fee. The registration is completely free. All you need is a desire a job, a working gadget, and a steady internet connection, and you are good to go.

What Is The 1xBet Agent Application?

After undergoing the 1xBet agent registration process and your status as an agent has been confirmed, you will be directed by a 1xBet manager to download the 1xBet agent application. Agents use this application to provide 1xBet services to punters. You also get to monitor your progress and commission on the application, as well as get the necessary support and assistance from the 1xBet support team.

The application isn’t readily available to download by just anyone. To access the application, the link to the app is provided to the agent by an agent manager.

18+ | Please play responsibly | Terms and Conditions apply | Commercial Content