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14 March 2023
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Despite being one of the premier destinations for sports betting in Nigeria, Ogabet does not have an official mobile app. But you can enjoy mobile betting via the stellar Ogabet mobile site.

You can even complete registration using the mobile version of the site and claim great bonuses through the Ogabet promo code.

Learn about the Ogabet mobile site, its features, capabilities, pros and cons, and much more in this article.

📲 How to Download the Ogabet Nigeria App?

You are almost certainly reading this article to know about the Ogabet app download process. But we have some bad news for you. There is no Ogabet app available for either iOS or Android at the time of writing this article.

If you do come across download links for an Ogabet app on third-party websites, please refrain from downloading those. Such apps can often come with viruses and malware which are harmful to your mobile device.

However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy Ogabet mobile betting. On the contrary, you can enjoy mobile betting almost as well via the Ogabet mobile site.

That is what we will focus on most in this article since there is no Ogabet mobile app to write about.

Ogabet Mobile Betting Nigeria

Download Ogabet on Android

Generally speaking, the download procedure for sports betting apps on Android tends to be quite similar. For example, you typically need to download an APK file and install it manually on your device.

That is some general information that will help you download other sports betting apps in Nigeria. But it cannot help you if you are exclusively interested in the Ogabet app.

Ogabet does not have an official app for Android. But that may change sometime in the future because many of its competitors already have an Android app. If that does change, we will be the first ones to let you know.

Download Ogabet on iOS

Ogabet app download for iOS is also not possible since the site does have an iOS app either. But few sportsbooks in Nigeria offer a mobile app for iOS users. Most simply have an app for Android only.

Among those sportsbooks that do offer an app for iOS, the download process is more or less the same. You can download the app directly from the App Store in almost every case.

It is extremely likely to be the same if an Ogabet mobile app for iOS is released sometime in the future. Once that happens, we will update you about it.

✔️ What Are the Pros of Using the Ogabet Mobile App?

Since there is no Ogabet mobile app for iOS or Android, we cannot talk about the pros of the app. But we can talk about the pros of mobile betting using the site.

The mobile site is extremely suitable for mobile betting. Some of its key strengths include:

  • You can visit the site, log in, and make bets anytime you wish. You do not need to download or install anything on your device.
  • The Ogabet mobile site has the same features and functionalities that you would have found on an app.
  • The user interface is visually appealing and easy to navigate at the same time.
  • The site is also extremely user-friendly despite being rich in terms of features.
  • It is your only option to enjoy mobile betting using the Ogabet Nigeria site.

What Are the Cons of Using the Ogabet Mobile App?

Once again, it will be impossible to talk about the disadvantages of the Ogabet app because no such thing exists. Hence, it would be better to highlight the cons of the overall mobile betting infrastructure that currently exists.

Some of the shortcomings of the Ogabet mobile site include:

  • Not being as fast or optimised for mobile betting as an app could have been.
  • The site can often slow down and/or heat your device by burdening your browser.
  • The sportsbook does not offer a welcome bonus that you can claim by registering. But that is true for both the desktop and mobile.

🤳🏿 How to Use the Ogabet App?

In most cases, sports betting apps allow you to do everything that you would have done via the desktop or mobile app. Thus, you are not missing out on any mobile features due to the absence of an Ogabet app.

You can enjoy the same features through the Ogabet mobile site. The mobile version of the site will let you do everything from registration to day-to-day sports betting and everything in between.

You will be able to log in whenever you want, deposit money, place bets, and withdraw your winnings. Moreover, you can even use the mobile version of the site to contact customer service and make updates to your account among other things.

How to Register on the Ogabet App?

At the moment, you cannot register via an Ogabet app either on iOS or Android. But that is not the only way you can do Ogabet registration on mobile. You can use the mobile version of the site as well.

The registration process is quick and easy. Once you open the operator’s website on your mobile web browser, find the ‘register’ button. It should be near the top-right of the webpage.

Once you click on that button, you should get the registration form. The details you need to provide on the form are fairly standard. For example, you need to provide your phone number and set a password. That is if you use the shorter version of the registration form.

On the other hand, the longer version of the registration form asks for a few more details. For example, you will also need to provide your full name and email address in addition to the information on the short form.

The whole process should not take more than a few minutes. It is quite fast. And if there were an Ogabet mobile app, the process would have been more or less the same. So, you are not exactly missing out on too much.

Ogabet Registration Steps Nigeria

🎁 Claim the Ogabet Bonus on the Ogabet App

As you may already know, bonuses and promotions are commonplace among sportsbooks. But some sportsbooks offer infinitely more than others. Hence, many punters like you choose sportsbooks based on the attractiveness of their bonuses.

One of the first bonuses that punters generally look at is the welcome bonus. Almost every sportsbook offers it but not all. And Ogabet is one of those sports betting sites that do not offer a welcome bonus.

We do not know the reason behind this. But based on our analysis, the operators perhaps do not feel the need to offer a welcome bonus. Because they already have many other bonuses, jackpots, and other promotional offers.

For example, the bonus that the site advertises to new punters the most is the weekly free bets bonus. It is part of their loyalty program wherein you can win up to ₦5,000 in free bets every week.

This bonus does not require the use of a promo code. All you need to do is to sign up for the loyalty program and meet the terms and conditions of the bonus. Both of which you can do via the Ogabet mobile version site.

For example, you need to wager at least ₦1,000 within a given week to receive the free bets bonus. All bets count as long as they have odds of 2.0 or more.

In addition, there are many other bonuses that you can claim on your mobile. Jackpots, win bonuses and boosted odds are just some of the bonuses you can enjoy.

📱 What Are the Ogabet App Features?

Most sports betting apps tend to retain the same features and functionalities as the mobile site. The real improvements are brought in terms of speed and performance.

Therefore, you can get the same features with the Ogabet mobile version site as you would have with an app. But then you might ask, what are those features that you can enjoy on your mobile?

That is what you will find in the next sections where we highlight some of the key features of the mobile version site.

🔹 Mobile Sports Betting

Whether you use iOS or Android, the biggest advantage of using the mobile version site is that you get to carry around your sportsbook.

You can log in, deposit funds, make bets, and withdraw your winnings any time you want. This is betting convenience at its best.

You do not need access to a PC or anything. You can make quick bets while at work or waiting for a flight.

Sport Betting Ogabet Nigeria

🔹 Live Betting

The Ogabet mobile version site makes pre-match betting more convenient than ever before. But the convenience is perhaps apparent most vividly in the case of live betting.

Consider the fact that you may not always be in a position to access a laptop or pay a lot of attention to live betting. You might be at work or occupied with other important tasks.

But thanks to the mobile version, you can make quick bets in between your tasks. And you get to access the whole range of live betting features to help you.

For example, you can monitor the dynamic odds in real-time from your phone. Moreover, you can access live simulations, live streams, live stats, and trackers among other things.

🔹 Jackpots

Ogabet is a site known for its multifarious jackpot tournaments that give punters the chance to win millions in prize money. You get access to all of those via the Ogabet mobile site.

In most cases, the jackpots expect you to predict the outcomes, correct scores, or something else about a series of fixtures. And then you win prizes based on how many you get right.

Some tournaments have an entrance fee while others are completely free. But in either case, the potential to win is massive. Provided that you get lucky.

🔹 Virtuals

In addition to jackpots, another unique feature of the site is that you can bet on virtual sports. This is one of the aspects that sets the site apart.

If you create an account at Ogabet and access its mobile version site, you can bet on a range of virtual sports. For example, you can bet on popular sports like football and horse racing.

The benefit of virtual sports is that some event or another is live at any given time. Thus, you can bet no matter what time of the day or night it happens to be.

And since you will be using your mobile, you can even make a few quick bets lying in bed before you doze off. That is how convenient the site makes betting for you.

🔹 Account Management

In terms of its capabilities, the Ogabet mobile version site is no less compared to the desktop site.

You can enjoy betting on your mobile but you can do other things related to your account as well. For example, you may need to update your address or your payment method. You can quickly do that using your phone.

Moreover, you can contact customer support straight from the site if you face any challenges. Even if you have to call them, you can simply copy/paste the number instead of having to type it out.

But the benefits do not end there. If you use mobile banking or e-wallets, the payment process can become much easier for you as well. It will be like transferring funds from one app to another on your phone.

🖥️ What About Using the Ogabet Mobile Site?

Using the Ogabet mobile version site is not an option. As there is no Ogabet app, that is your only pathway if you want to enjoy mobile betting with the sportsbook.

However, we should inform you about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the site. In other words, the things the site provides are better than an app would have. And also, the things that the site cannot provide as well as an app could have.

For our analysis regarding this, please refer to the table below.

✔️ Ogabet Mobile Site – Advantages❌ Ogabet Mobile Site – Disadvantages
No need to download or install.Performance is not as fast or optimised as an app would have been.
The only option the sportsbook provides for mobile betting.There is no welcome bonus that you can claim.
Features and capabilities are the same as you would have found on an app.
User-friendly and brings the entire sportsbook into your palm.

⚙️ Devices Compatible With the App

If you want to do mobile betting using Ogabet, you need to use the mobile site. You cannot use a mobile app at the moment, as already established in this article.

You might think that mobile apps need devices with high specifications. But mobile sites can often require more hardware and software power. That is because it relies on your web browser.

Therefore, you need to have a fairly decent smartphone or tablet to fully reap the benefits of the Ogabet mobile site. That does not mean that your phone or tablet needs to be super advanced.

You can enjoy the features of the mobile site with a device with 4 GB RAM and some free internal storage. Moreover, you need a pretty good cellular network or WiFi setup.

For specific recommendations on the devices that will be compatible with the mobile version of the site, check the list below.

  • Nokia G20
  • OPPO A96
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro
  • Tecno Pova 128GB 6GB RAM


Does Ogabet Have an App?

The renowned Nigerian sports betting site, Ogabet, does not have an official app for either iOS or Android. But you can enjoy mobile betting via the mobile version of the site. 

How to Update the Ogabet App?

The Ogabet sports betting site does not have an official app at the moment. Thus, there is no need to update the app. You can simply visit the mobile site using your web browser and place bets. 

Ogabet App Won’t Install: What Should I Do?

Since an Ogabet app does not exist, you will not face any installation-related issues. You can use the Ogabet mobile site which does not need to be downloaded or installed. 

Can I Find Ogabet in the Play Store?

Unfortunately, Ogabet does not have an app for Android. So, you cannot find the Ogabet mobile app in the Play Store. 

How Do I Register on the Ogabet App?

You cannot enjoy app registration for Ogabet at the moment since the site does not have an official app. But you can register via the Ogabet mobile version of the site. 

Is It Safe to Download the Ogabet App?

You cannot download the Ogabet app at the moment because the site has not released a mobile app as of yet. But you can expect the site to be safe for download if it launches sometime in the future. 
18+ | Please play responsibly | Terms and Conditions apply | Commercial Content