What Is an Asian Handicap? Asian Handicapping Explained

8 June 2022
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There are many bettors in Kenya who spend time on best betting sites who don’t know what the Asian handicap meaning is. And in this review, you can learn more about Asian handicap betting and the different types of Asian handicaps.

Asian Handicap Prediction

Last modified: 2022-07-04 05:49:48 UTC+ 0
Yield: -0.93%
Alfonso Ugarte de Puno vs Comerciantes Unidos
Liga 2 Clausura
03/07 22:00
Comerciantes Unidos +0.75 (AH)
Alfonso Ugarte are coming into this match with 1 win, 2 losses and 2 draws while Comerciantes Unidos are coming into this match with 2 losses, 2 wins and 1 draw. The away team looks more stable and favorable...
Yield: -0.93%
Xinjiang Tianshan vs Beijing Sports University FC
China League
04/07 13:30
Beijing Sports University FC -0.25 (AH)
Xinjiang Tianshan are coming into this match with 1 loss, 2 draws and 2 wins while Beijing Sports University are coming into this match with 2 losses, 2 wins and 1 draw. Both teams are similar in form...
Yield: -0.93%
Shijiazhuang Gongfu vs Zibo Cuju
China League
04/07 10:00
Shijiazhuang Gongfu -1.00 (AH)
Shijiazhuang Gongfu are coming into this match with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss while Zibo Cuju are coming into this match with 3 draws and 2 losses. The home team looks more stable and favorable here to...
Yield: -2.16%
Wuhan Yangtze River vs Guangzhou FC
Super League
04/07 09:30
Guangzhou FC +0.50 (AH)
We have an interesting encounter between Wuhan and Guangzhou , where we see Wuhan river coming from a loss and Guangzhou from a loss, for recent trend we will focus on the books favourite choice Wuhan...
Yield: 11.62%
FC Copenhagen vs AC Horsens
17/07 16:00
FC Copenhagen -1.25 (AH)
Hi BE community, off we go to Denmark, footy. The hosts are the clear favs in this match up, I expect them to get the dub, maybe even win by a two goal margin, hence my new bet: 10 out of 10 units on Copenhagen...
Asian Handicap

What Is the Asian Handicap Meaning?

The Asian handicap betting was first seen in Asia. In addition, most punters use it when placing bets on football. With Asian handicaps, the players actually eliminate a chance of a potential draw. Therefore, there can only be a win for the home or the away team.

This is a very popular betting option among players worldwide because with no chance of a draw the players are more likely to win their bet.

Moreover, in Asian handicap betting the favourite will be marked with a plus symbol. On the other hand, the minus symbol will stand next to the underdog.

There are many Asian handicap betting lines that players can wager on. Also, players who decide to place this bet can learn very quickly how to read those lines and place any of the available Asian handicaps.

Basically, Asian handicap is a form of spread betting where players have only two options. What is more, both of these options have a 50% chance of success due to the handicap, which can be really helpful when there is a great difference in odds between the teams.

What Are Asian Handicap Examples?

Additionally, there are many different types of Asian handicaps that players can place on their betting slips. Take a look below to see some of them.

0.0 Asian Handicap

If you want to place a bet on football and use the Asian handicap 0.0, it means that neither of the two teams is handicapped. In other words, no matter which team scores a goal, you will have a winning bet. Moreover, in case of a draw, the bet will be proclaimed void and your stake returned.

0.25 Asian Handicap

With an Asian handicap 0.25 there can be several possible outcomes. However, the first thing that you should know is that in this case, there is a ¼ goal advantage that is given to the underdog.

For example, in a possible match between Real Madrid and PSG, with odds of 1.5 for Real Madrid and 2.00 for PSG, you can place an Asian handicap -0.25 on the underdog. This means that you will win the bet if PSG wins. What is more, in case of a draw, you will get half of your stake back, while the other half will be lost. Lastly, in case Real Madrid wins you will lose your bet entirely.

On the other hand, if you decide to place a +0.25 Asian handicap bet on the same match, this means that you will win the bet if Real Madrid wins. If the match ends with a draw, you will get half of your stake back, while the other half will be multiplied with the odd 1.5 and returned to you. In addition, you can only lose the bet if PSG wins.

0.5 Asian Handicap

With 0.5 Asian handicap betting, the sportsbook is giving a ½ goal advantage to a certain team. So, if you place a bet on -0.5, you will win if any of the teams scores a goal. However, in case of a draw, your bet will lose. In addition, if you decide to bet on a +0.5 Asian handicap, you will win if either of the teams scores a goal but also in case of a draw.

0.75 Asian Handicap

If you decide to try out -0.75 Asian handicap betting, then the team you betted on needs to score 2 goals or over for your wager to be a winning one. Additionally, if the match ends in a draw then your bet will lose. Furthermore, if only one goal is scored, then 50% of your stake is refunded and the other half is multiplied by current odds and settled.

However, if the players bet on +0.75 Asian handicaps, then they win in case of a draw or in case of a win. But, if your selected team loses by one goal then you will get half of your stake back and the other half will be multiplied at current odds and returned to you. In addition, you will lose the bet in case your selected team was defeated by two or more goals.

1.0 Asian Handicap

Players who want to try out 1.0 Asian handicap betting, need to know that if their selected team has a negative goal advantage, then they need to score two goals more than the underdogs so that their betting slip would win. In case the favourites have one goal more than the other team, your bet will be refunded.

On the other hand, for -1.0 Asian handicap betting, your bet will win in case of a draw or any goal margin. But in case your selected team loses by two goals or more, then the bet will also lose. Furthermore, if your selected team loses by one goal, your bet will be refunded.

How To Calculate Asian Handicap Bets?

There are several ways in which you can calculate potential winnings with Asian handicap betting. Firstly, you can use an Asian handicap betting calculator.

What is more, you can also calculate the potential winning by yourself. In case of a win, you should multiply the stake with the odds. Additionally, in some Asian handicaps, the bettors win in case of a draw. If that happens, you can multiply half of your stake with the odds.

What Are Asian Handicap Tips?

All bettors who are interested in placing Asian handicap bets should know that there are ways in which they can prepare before submitting a betting slip. Take a look at these Asian handicap tips below that might help you the next time you visit an online sportsbook.

Look For Online Prediction

The first thing that all new bettors should do is look for online predictions. Some online prediction sites can give you some insight into the teams and the possible outcomes. This can be very useful, especially for bettors who aren’t up to date with the latest football matches.

Compare Odds

Moreover, you can also compare odds between various sportsbooks. In this way, you will know what are the winning chances for both teams.

Analyze Previous Matches

Also, you can take a look at the last five matches for both teams. In addition, you can see if they have been scoring goals and their other statistics. What is more, you can even see when was the last time that the two teams faced each other, and how it ended.

Follow Sports News

Everything happens so fast in the world of sports. Some players might get injured, and others can have some personal issues that prevent them from joining the match. For this reason, you should follow the latest sports news. In this way, you can know if the best players from each team will be present on the pitch.

How To Place an Asian Handicap Bet?

If you want to place an Asian handicap bet then you need to follow the steps found below:

How to place an Asian handicap bet in Kenya?

  1. Firstly, visit your preferred online sportsbook.

  2. Then, log into your betting account.

  3. Moreover, if your account doesn’t have any funds, make a deposit.

  4. In addition, find the match you want to bet on.

  5. Click on the match so you can see all betting options.

  6. Find Asian handicap and click on it.

  7. Additionally, add the amount that you wish to stake and submit the betting slip.


If you need even more information so you can have Asian handicap explained, then take a look at some of these frequently asked questions:

What is Asian handicap in soccer?

That is the advantage that a sportsbook gives to a certain team (usually an underdog). It can be an advantage of one-quarter of a goal or more.

What does Asian handicap mean in basketball?

Asian handicap is more used for football matches. However, it is similar to spread betting in basketball.

How are Asian handicap odds calculated?

To calculate their potential winnings, players need to multiply the Asian handicap odds with their stake.

What is the main difference between Asian and European handicap?

The main difference is that in the European handicap there could be three possible outcomes of a certain event. However, with Asian handicaps, there are only two outcomes that count.

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