Baseball Betting July,2024┃How to Bet on Baseball in Kenya?

25 June 2024
Peter Pele
Published on June 25, 2024 Last updated on June 25, 2024 

This guide will share helpful baseball betting advice and tips suitable for both beginners and seasoned bettors. Learn the critical baseball terminologies, betting markets, some baseball strategies, and more.

Baseball Predictions Today

Check out our baseball predictions for today here.

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Yield: 5.33%
Atlanta Braves vs St. Louis Cardinals
20/07 19:07
St. Louis Cardinals to win
We have a baseball game and the sides that are playing against each other are Braves and Cardinals. Odds for Cardinals are so good here and my prediction for this game is them to win. I am staking ten...
Yield: -1.64%
Cleveland Guardians vs Kansas City Royals
26/08 19:10
Over 8 runs
The home side won the opening game of the current series with 8-5 yesterday. On the hill we got two young pitchers, who both managed to convince thus far. However, the pitcher of the Royals has not been...
Yield: -1.64%
Atlanta Braves vs St. Louis Cardinals
20/07 19:07
Atlanta Braves -1.50 (AH)
Atlanta won 53 games while St. Louis won 50 games for the season thus far. On paper the visitors got an advantage on the hill today. However, I do expect the pitcher of the Braves to pitch better compared...
Yield: -0.99%
Atlanta Braves vs St. Louis Cardinals
20/07 19:07
St. Louis Cardinals to win
Atlanta Braves face St. Louis Cardinals. This visit to Atlanta will be great for the Cardinals and I hope that the guests will be much better team here. I expect Braves to have bad moments in this game...
Yield: -1.6%
Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers
30/08 18:40
Milwaukee Brewers to win
Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers I think Milwaukee Brewers can have a good MLB performance in this game against Cincinnati Reds. I think Milwaukee Brewers can perform well to win this game. I don't...
Yield: -2.4%
Cleveland Guardians vs Kansas City Royals
26/08 19:10
Draw in scope.25
Cleveland Guardians have won by 8-5 yesterday against Kansas City. Tonight, we should have to see better defence as strong starters will perform. Both sides are high ranked on the standings. The Guardians...
Yield: -2.62%
Atlanta Braves vs St. Louis Cardinals
20/07 19:07
St. Louis Cardinals +1.00 (AH)
Hello bettors, as at the time of placing this bet we see a Better form display from the visitors as we see them coming from 2 wins in their last 5 games, with Braves the host side having 2 wins as compared...
Yield: -1.77%
Atlanta Braves vs St. Louis Cardinals
20/07 19:07
St. Louis Cardinals to win (1X2)
this match features francisco comesana and lorenzo musetti. francisco comesana comes to this match with a form of 2-3 in the last 5 matches and can lose this match vs lorenzo who comes to this match with...
Yield: -2.01%
Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs Yokohama BayStars
20/07 11:00
Yokohama BayStars to win
Yokohama BayStars looks very good choice at this game against Tokyo Yakult Swallows and with that odds it looks worth to take. Yokohama is better team and demonstrates better form too. Yokohama will have...
Yield: -2.01%
Hanshin Tigers vs Hiroshima Carp
20/07 11:00
Hiroshima Carp to win (1X2)
Hiroshima Carp looks very good choice to win this game against Hanshin Tigers and with that odds Hiroshima Carp looks worth to take. They played yesterday and Hanshin won it 1-0, but for this game Hiroshima...

Baseball Betting Explained

Simply put, it’s making a bet on the result of a match between two teams – each consisting of nine players. This section will review the fundamentals of baseball betting as well as the difference between online and offline betting, the betting markets, and legendary baseball players and games.

Online Betting vs Offline Baseball Betting

To participate in online betting, punters must have access to a mobile or tablet device to load the brand’s sports betting website and place their bet. Whereas offline betting requires the bettor to physically visit a betting shop to make their wager on a game.

The advantages of online betting include accessibility from anywhere in the world. It also comes with lower costs than offline betting, and there is no need to stay in a queue as found in betting shops.

Also, bettors can access more advanced features like live streaming and live betting.

However, a disadvantage of online betting is the risk of using a public Wi-Fi network, i.e. hackers could attempt to access your personal information. Furthermore, you need a strong internet connection to bet online.

Betting Markets

There are many betting markets for baseball, including moneyline betting. It is the most popular form of betting on baseball and involves predicting the winning team.

There is a run line market where you can predict which team will win and whether they will win by one or more runs.

Total bet predicts the total number of runs scored by both teams. Furthermore, you can wager on outright winners of tournaments or series.

Famous Players

Joe DiMaggio is one of the most prominent baseball players of all time. He played centre field for the New York Yankees from 1936 to 1951 with 2,130 straight games, which is still an MLB record.

Throughout his career, he also helped the Yankees win 9 World Series.

Another prominent player is Ted Williams, who played for the Boston Red Sox from 1939 to 1960 as one of their best hitters. He even won two batting titles! While playing centre field for Boston, he hit a record-breaking 521 home runs in his career.

Furthermore, he had a batting average of .344 (second only to Ty Cobb’s) and guided the team to 3 World Series victories.

Memorable Matches

Some matches remain golden in basketball folklore. An example is the first-ever professional baseball game.

The Cincinnati Red Stocking Stockings and the Great Western Westerns of Cincinnati played the first-ever baseball game in 1869. The game ended 45-9 in favour of the Stockings.

Baseball Betting Online Kenya

How to Bet on Baseball Online?

It is a straightforward process to bet on baseball online. Follow these steps to get started.

How to place a bet on baseball in 8 steps?

  1. Compare online betting sites until you find one that meets your requirements i.e. a range of betting markets and competitive odds.

  2. Open an account and provide your personal and bank details.

  3. Log in to your account and make a deposit.

  4. Go to the “Sports” section and select “Baseball” from the list of sports provided.

  5. Choose your preferred tournament and baseball game, e.g., MLB, Atlanta Braves vs Pittsburgh Pirates.

    You can wager on an accumulator bet by choosing more than one pick on a bet slip.

  6. Select your desired betting market, e.g. both teams over 2.5 runs (including extra innings).

  7. Enter the amount you wish to bet and click “Place Bet.”

  8. Confirm your bet.

Best Baseball Betting Sites

Below are the best online bookmakers that provide baseball betting markets for Kenyan players.


1xBet provides users with access to a variety of baseball betting markets. Furthermore, there are numerous bonuses and promotions available to claim.


MozzartBet is a viable betting platform for bettors with a penchant for baseball events. It features wagering opportunities from baseball events worldide, such as in Japan (Nippon Professional Baseball), the United States (Major League Baseball), and South Korea (Korea Baseball Organization League).

Baseball Betting Tips

Here are some helpful tips for placing well-informed baseball betting wagers.

Compare Different Bookmakers

Before placing your bet on a sports event, punters should compare different sportsbooks to check which platform offers better odds. You may find that the operator you are already signed up to provides lesser odds and markets.

Budget Management

When joining a betting platform, keep a specific budget in mind and try not to exceed it. This could be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Revisit it regularly, so you do not forget the amount.

Do Not Stake More Than You Can Afford to Lose

It’s important to know that you cannot always win with betting. So you should only stake what you can afford to lose every time.

Ensuring that your bets are spread out among several teams or players is the best method to achieve this. You won’t lose all of your money once if one team loses this way.

Availability of Matches

Prior to placing any bets, confirm that numerous games are accessible for betting. This will help you choose the games with the best odds, especially when placing bets on single matches.

Explore Other Betting Markets

One of the most popular markets for punters to wager on is moneyline, where you predict the winner of a game. However, you should also explore other betting markets like the over/under market and outright winner.

Claim Bonuses

Betting with bonuses presents the possibility of winning without technically wagering with real money. Some bookmakers usually offer promotions on baseball games that you can benefit from.

What are Baseball Betting Odds?

Some betting sites use a minus (negative) or a plus (positive) sign for odds. This odds format is the American odds format.

A “minus” denoted by (-) before the number indicates a team favoured to win, while a “plus” denoted by (+) before the number represents an underdog team.

There is also a Decimal odds format where the odds are represented in decimal. The lowest odds belong to the favourites, while the biggest belongs to the underdog.

Furthermore, there is a Fractional odds format on other betting websites. Here, the favourites have a numerator lower than the denominator, and the underdog has a denominator lower than the numerator.

You need to know how the odds work to calculate your potential returns or use a bet calculator to do your calculations.

We’ll cover some of the betting markets below.

1X2 or Moneyline

Also known as the 3-way market, this is a traditional betting market for many sports. 1 denotes a home win, X denotes a draw, and 2 represents an away win.

However, most sites eliminate the draw option by considering the possibility of overtime, i.e. extra innings.

In this case, two options are available: 1, which denotes a home win (including extra innings), and 2, which indicates an away win (including extra innings).


A handicap is a figure determined by a bookmaker to even the chances of either team winning the game. The favourite typically has a disadvantage they must overcome to win, whereas the underdog has an advantage they must protect to win the game.

For example, in an NPB game between Hiroshima Carp (-1.5) and Yakult Swallows (1.5), with odds of 2.70 and 1.43 to cover the handicap, respectively. The Hiroshima Carp are slightly favoured to win the game.

If you bet 100 KSH on Hiroshima to cover the handicap, and the game ends 5-3 in favour of Hiroshima, you will win your bet because the two-run margin exceeds the 1.5 handicap deficit.

However, if you bet 100 KSH on Hiroshima to cover the handicap, and the game ends 6-5 on Hiroshima Carp to cover the handicap, you will lose your bet. The 1 run margin is less than the 1.5 handicap margin.


Totals bets, popularly known as the over/under bet, is where you predict the total number of runs scored by both teams. Bookmakers will set odds for both over and under.

Some bookmakers provide multiple total bets, e.g. Over 8.5, Over 9.5, Over 10.5.

However, the odds vary. The higher the total, the bigger the odds for overbets and the lesser it is for underbets. It is important to note that most bookies include the runs scored during extra innings in the total.

Both Teams Over

It is important to note that Both Teams Over Bet differ from the Totals Bet as the former requires both teams to surpass a pre-determined figure individually.

For instance, if you bet on Both Teams Over 2.5 in an LMB match between Monterrey and Toros de Tijuana, both teams must score at least three runs each to win your bet.

What are the Best Baseball Betting Strategies?

Here are a few strategies to attract the best returns from baseball betting.

Learn the Fundamentals of Baseball Betting

It’s crucial to have a clear grasp of how to bet before you try developing your baseball betting strategy. This knowledge will aid in preventing minor errors and comprehending why some strategies may be more effective than others.

Examine the Odds and Compare Them With Those From Prior Games

Check the odds to ensure they are not excessively high or low. Bookmakers set the odds, which are typically very accurate but occasionally can be slightly off in either direction.

If the odds have significantly changed, something may have occurred with the team’s performance or health.

Learn About the Players

Before placing bets on players, you must be aware of their capabilities i.e. strengths and weaknesses, past performances, injuries, etc.

Baseball Betting Review

Baseball has undergone numerous changes throughout the years, but it has remained one of the most followed sports in Africa. Punters can participate in baseball betting both online and offline, though more than 80% of wagers are now made online.

You predict which team will win or lose when you bet on baseball, and there are options to bet on the number of runs each team will score. You can also bet on how well a player will perform during a game on whether a team wins or loses.

Best Baseball Tournaments to Bet On

Below is the list of the best baseball tournaments to wager on.

Major League Baseball

This is the world’s oldest and most prominent professional sports league. With 30 teams (29 in the US and 1 in Canada) currently playing in the tournament, Major League Baseball has a large following worldwide.

It is an attractive league for punters in the betting stakes.

Nippon Professional Baseball

Shortly, it became the highest tier of baseball with two leagues; the Central League and the Pacific League, each with six teams. A championship play-off series of games takes place at the end of the regular season to determine the winner.

Liga Mexicana de Beisbol

This longest-running professional baseball league in Mexico consists of 18 teams, which are split into the North and South divisions.

A best-of-seven championship series decides the winner between the two division winners in the regular season. It is also one of the highest-scoring league’s baseball leagues globally.

How to Bet on Baseball in Kenya – FAQ

Now that you’ve read our guide on baseball betting, you can proceed to wager on the sport. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about betting on Baseball.

What does the run line mean?

A run line is a bet that requires a team to win by more than a specific margin or lose by less than a particular margin.

What’s the difference between runs and points in baseball?

In a baseball game, runs rather than points determine the winner. A team scores a run when any of its players move around first, second, and third base and then makes it back to home plate safely.

What is a three-way baseball bet?

A three-way baseball bet is a bet on a baseball game with three possible outcomes: the home team to win, a draw, or the away team to win.

What does over mean in baseball?

In baseball, over means the number of runs that both teams collectively score must exceed a pre-determined number of runs.