Baseball Betting | How to Bet on Baseball in South Africa?

26 May 2024

Baseball is said to be one of the hardest sports to bet on. But for the punters who can master it, baseball betting can turn into one of the most exciting experiences ever.

Baseball Betting Predictions

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Baseball Betting

Baseball Betting Explained

Baseball betting in relation to other sports is not as easy. You really need a lot of in-depth knowledge of the sport in order to be able to properly predict the correct outcome.

Understanding the Odds

Money line odds are the most popular for baseball since it is an American sport. The teams, just like all of the other sports are divided into favourite and underdog. The favourite is given a minus sign (-) in front of it and the underdog is given a plus sign (+) in front of it.

How does the Bet Work

The objective of a baseball bet is to correctly predict the winner. You can bet on either the favourite or the underdog, but your prediction needs to be on which team wins. If a bet has odds of +1.5 and you’ve bet on the favourite winning, then the team must win by 2 or more runs for you to win the bet.

Steps to Place a Baseball Bet

You can place baseball bets at any operator that offers it. You can bet online or offline. But we recommend betting online since there are more options available and you can compare multiple sportsbooks for odds.

To place a baseball bet, just follow these steps:

  1. Register with a sportsbook that offers baseball and login to your account.

  2. After you’ve made a deposit, navigate to the sports section, and select an event in the baseball menu.

  3. Click on the event and adjust your stake.

    You can add multiple and place an accumulator bet as well. Click on confirm to place the bet.

What is the Baseball Betting Market?

There are a few primary baseball betting markets that are the most common. The markets will definitely differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. But there are a few overall that you’ll find everywhere. And in this section of our guide, we’ll try to include those.

Money line Bet Market

This market is based on the money line odds. As we’ve mentioned before, the minus sign (-) marks the favourite and the plus sign (+) marks the underdog. If you have money line odds of +150, it’s measured against $ 100.

You need to bet $ 100 to win $150 if your bet wins. When the odds are a plus sign (+) it means you’re betting on the underdog to win. You can use a bet calculator to calculate the exact payouts.

Run Line Bet Market

Run line odds are displayed similar to money line odds. But the values are much smaller. So, if you have odds of +1.5, that means the favourite has to win by 2 runs or more for you to win the bet.

A run line odd of +1.5 means betting on the underdog and it has the juice of a certain amount which will be displayed in relation to what the potential payout will be.

Over/Under Bet Market

The over/under market is one of the most popular markets in baseball and is very similar to all the other sports. The team is given certain odds and the job of the punter is to guess whether the runs will go over or under the odds.

If the team is given odds of 6.5, then the final score needs to be over 7 or under 6 depending on which you’ve bet.

What Are Baseball Betting Odds?

Baseball betting odds are a bit different from the other sports that are more popular at most sportsbooks. Baseball is a much more intricate sport and baseball betting requires a considerably higher amount of attention to get correct.

In this section, we’ll talk about a few of the baseball betting odds that punters can find commonly at sportsbooks.


Futures are seen most commonly as MLB odds. These are long-term markets since it can range for an entire season. These bets are made on whether a certain team will win the World Series or a similar tournament.

First Five Innings

This is similar to the usual markets that you see in baseball. The bets are based on the results of the first five innings and these bets can be set in any way.

What Are the Best Baseball Betting Sites?

Below, we’ll be discussing the pros of some of the best baseball betting sites currently available.

Hollywoodbets Baseball Betting

Hollywoodbets doesn’t offer a lot of sports to bet on, but baseball is one that it does. It has a lot of good markets for the sport and the website interface isn’t bad either.

Betway Baseball Betting

Betway provides some of the most competitive odds for baseball and the markets are also very popular among punters. Overall, this sports betting company is one of the best you’ll find. Baseball Betting has gained a lot of popularity among punters for baseball. It lists a few of the top tournaments for the sport and offers odds that are very fair. For these reasons, punters regard the operator as one of the best for baseball betting.

Which Baseball Event to Bet on?

The most popular baseball event to bet on is probably Major League Baseball (MLB). The tournament consists of 7 games in total. The championship sees a lot of bets throughout the entire season but particularly during the finals.

Baseball Betting Tips

Baseball betting is a pretty difficult niche and unless you’re a seasoned punter, we don’t recommend betting real money on this. There is no full-proof way to win at baseball betting. But we can tell you about a few betting tips that you can use to avoid losing money unnecessarily.

Don’t Bet Real Money

If you’re new to baseball betting, then you might want to start out testing your strategies on demo bets. Because if you bet real money before you understand what works, you might end up losing a lot.

Go Against the Public

There are always favourites to win a game and it’s more than likely that the general bettor is going to bet on that team. This gives sportsbooks the opportunity to inflate numbers and get more people betting on the favourite despite signs indicating that it might lose.

So, you might want to look at factors other than just which team is a favourite to win.

Check the Weather

The weather has a huge impact on outdoor sports. So, you should always check the forecast before you decide to confirm a bet.

Look at the Lineups

The team lineups can give you a lot of insight into the overall team performance and what strategies a team might be using. Tracking can help you make better predictions.

Track Injuries

Injuries tend to change up a lot of odds and even the outcomes of certain games. So, make sure you are up to date on the squad and which players are injured.

Track Previous Performances

If a team is in form and the recent performances were good, that indicates that future performances might also be good. This isn’t a guaranteed tip but can come in handy in certain instances.

What Are the Best Baseball Betting Strategies?

There aren’t exactly any baseball betting strategies that can help you win 100% of the time. But different people develop their own strategies based on some common tactics.

Compare Odds

Before you decide to place a bet, look around multiple sportsbooks to compare the odds. And go with the one that ensures that you get the most competitive odds.

Don’t Always Bet on Favourites

We already mentioned that you should go against the public. But regardless of what the public consensus might be, don’t always bet on favourites. Instead, use your intuition and insight to vote on whichever team has a better chance.

Look at Stats

To be able to bet on baseball, understanding the statistics is very important. You need to be able to track, analyze and interpret the performances of a team and the odds to predict the outcome correctly.

While it is very important to track the recent performances of a team, turning it into a pattern is not a very good idea. Always take every possible factor into consideration before you decide to place a bet.

Baseball Betting Review

In conclusion, baseball may not be the most popular sport in South Africa, but there are definitely punters who enjoy baseball betting. It’s the type of sport that you can only enjoy betting on once you’ve had plenty of experience.

The exciting part of baseball betting may be winning a bet, but the process of creating strategies and following the match stats makes it all worth it.

Overall, baseball betting requires plenty of effort and work to correctly predict the correct outcome. But the most important thing to remember is that it is done only for the purpose of entertainment.

Betting on Baseball in South Africa – FAQ

To conclude this guide on baseball betting in South Africa, we’ve added a short FAQ section to answer any queries that readers might have.

How does baseball betting work?

Baseball is one of the hardest sports to bet on, allegedly. There is a lot that goes into the sport itself, and for punters to be able to place baseball bets, they would have to understand the rules very well.
The most common kind of bet in baseball uses run lines, which mark favourites with a minus sign (-) and underdogs with a plus sign (+). The objective of the best is to predict the winning team.

What is the best way to bet on baseball?

There isn’t really a guaranteed way to bet on baseball that can be called the best. There are a lot of popular markets in the sport. And punters can place both online and offline bets.
We would say online bets are preferable since you have more options in terms of comparing odds and prices.

What does +200 mean in baseball betting?

+200 refers to money line odds in baseball. It refers to the amount you would win against a $ 100 wager on the sport. If you bet on the team with +200 odds to win, and that team does end up winning, you win 200$.
You also win your initial stake back. So, this means you win collective winnings of $ 300 with the profits being $ 200.

How often do MLB favourites win?

According to multiple statistics, favourites in the MLB or Major League Baseball win about 57% of the time. This statistic might differ based on who you ask and there isn’t really a constant percentage since it changes every season.