Golf Betting | How to Bet on Golf in South Africa?

27 November 2023
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With so many events around the world, golf betting is very popular. This guide is designed to offer the best predictions for the best betting sites – as well as explain how you can get the most out of your golf betting. Read on to find out more.

Golf Betting Predictions for Today

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Golf Betting Explained

If you are new to the sport you may need a little help in getting started with your golf betting. But once you get used to it, you will see that golf betting markets and odds are simple to understand. There are also plenty of events to choose from when it comes to placing a bet on golf.

Golf Betting

Golf Tournaments

One of the first things that you will notice when it comes to betting on golf is that there are so many opportunities. There are hundreds of different tournaments taking place all over the world, so you will have a lot of choices.

The big golf majors attract a lot of interest, but the tours and the smaller events are definitely worth checking out as well.

Golf Betting Markets

With such a large field of players in every single golf tournament, there are lots of betting markets to choose from. The outright winner option is always popular – but you can also bet on things like the nationality of the winner, who makes the cut, and first-round leaders.

Golf Betting Odds

The other advantage of the number of players in a tournament when it comes to golf betting is that you can get very attractive odds to make your value bet. Golf betting odds will look very enticing because of the large field but you still need to know how to use them to your advantage. This golf betting guide is designed to help you with that.

What Are the Best Golf Betting Sites?

Because golf betting is so popular, you will find that there are lots of sites that cover the sport. There are a lot of good betting sites for golf but these three are some of the best in South Africa.

Hollywoodbets Golf Betting Review

You will find good coverage of international and national events here, allowing you to pick and choose your selections.

Hollywoodbets Golf

Betway Golf Betting Review

Betway is one of the biggest international betting sites and uses its experience and reach to offer some of the best golf betting odds. Golf Betting Review

This is another big South African betting site, so keep an eye out for offers and promotions related to local players. also covers golf tournaments from around the world. Golf

Best Golf Tournaments to Bet On

Golf is played all over the world and there are smaller tournaments and tour events all the time. But for some real golf betting action, you should take a look at some of the bigger competitions on the circuit.

PGA Championship Betting

The PGA Championship is the second major of the year and attracts the best players in the world – both past and present. Sometimes referred to as the USPGA, it moves around courses in the US and has been moved to earlier in the year (around the third weekend in May) so weather conditions are not quite a factor as before.

Masters Betting

Sometimes called the US Masters, this is an invitational event at the Augusta club in Georgia and is the first major of the year. The field is usually smaller than some of the other big tournaments and the winner gets to wear the famous green jacket.

Open Championship Betting

Also known as the British Open, this is usually the final major of the year and always takes place at a links course in the UK. That means that it is a course near the coast, making for a much trickier and slower event.

US Open Betting

The third major of the year, the US Open is regularly played on more difficult courses, meaning that even the winners do well to finish under par. This means that the event is a real test for the best players and is hugely popular because of that.

Golf Betting Tips

When it comes to a bet on golf, doing your research and knowing the sport is a must. With so many players, events and courses, you could easily become overwhelmed by the information and statistical analysis available.

Golf betting does take some getting used to, as there are some very detailed golf betting markets out there. But once you do a little bit of homework you should find that you will have no problem finding that all-important value bet.

Each Way Betting

An each way bet is very popular with golf. This is because there are so many players in each tournament, that the odds are usually quite long for even the favourite. You can afford to take the ¼ price on golf odds when the original is so big.

First Round Leader Betting

Some golfers naturally get off to a good start and then tend to fade as the tournament goes on. The majors all have four rounds of golf. So, you can keep the interest going by placing a bet on individual rounds or days.

Top 20 Finishers

There are some golfers that regularly make the cut for the big events but never seem to be able to go and win a tournament. With Top 20 or Top 10 finish betting that’s not a problem. Just look for the consistent, but unspectacular, players for this market.

Top Nationality

Some nations have a lot of history when it comes to golf. But the sport is emerging all over the world now. That means that you can bet on the top player from a particular country in a tournament. Keep away from the likes of the UK or US here, as there will be too many to choose from.

Outright Winner

This is always a big favourite. Predicting the winner of a major is one of the most popular betting choices and can still bring in some very positive returns thanks to the way golf is priced.

Mini Bets

There are hundreds of other betting markets to choose from – especially at a major. With four days of action, you might want to place a few bets on the smaller, more detailed markets to keep things ticking over all the way through.

Golf Betting Strategies

What are the Best Golf Betting Strategies?

There is a lot of information to take in when it comes to golf betting. Here are a few things to look out for before you make your selections.

Check the Weather

We have briefly mentioned that weather can make a big difference to the play at golf tournaments. So, it goes without saying, that it can also affect the betting. Certain players will do better in different conditions. But extreme weather can also level the field a little. So always take the weather forecast into consideration before placing your bets.

Check Individual Player’s History

Every golf course is different. So, you should definitely do your research on how players have performed at a location before placing your bets. The initial drive might be more important on one course, as compared to the putting greens of another. Find out which course is perfect for your player and bet accordingly.

Avoid Newcomers

As much as it might be tempting to take the very long odds of exciting new players, it is probably to avoid them as much as possible. Inexperienced golfers need to play as much as possible and will not be as rested as some of the bigger players. The favourites also attract relatively attractive odds in golf, so you can still get good value from looking further up the price list.

Golf Betting Review

As much as it is enjoyable following the tour and betting on the smaller tournaments. The majors are the big draw when it comes to having a bet on golf. You may find a bet calculator comes in handy for some events, but this is an exciting sport that is great for watching as well as for betting on.

There have been some big names down through the years, such as Tiger Woods, who have transcended the sport. But it is always a big ratings winner – and the excitement of the competition makes it definitely something to take more interest in.

Golf Betting in South Africa – FAQs

We answer some common questions regarding betting on golf below.

Can you bet on the match in golf?

Yes. A golf tournament or event is not usually referred to as a match – but there are lots of betting markets open to you.

Is golf a good sport to bet on?

Yes. With so many different opportunities to bet, you will always find a good market. The length of a tournament is also a good reason to bet on golf.

How do odds work in golf?

Odds in golf work just the same as with any other sport. The favourites will be priced with shorter odds, with the underdogs having a longer price. But with golf, the entrant field is usually so large that even the favourites can offer good value.

What does +800 mean in golf odds?

This is just an American version of how to portray odds. You can use an odds converter to see what it would be in other formats. Here, +800 would be 8/1 in fractional and 9.00 in decimal.

What is an outright bet in golf?

An outright bet means that you are predicting who will win a tournament or event.