NBA Betting – How to Bet on NBA in South Africa?

28 Sep 2023

Learn the basics of NBA betting including the types of bets. We have also compiled for you a list of the best betting sites in South Africa where you can find diverse betting markets and impressive odds.

NBA Predictions Today

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NBA Betting Explained

The NBA league is the biggest basketball event globally, and during every season, basketball fans keep track of all events that happen from the start to the end. For this reason, this global event has massive markets for punters to wager on.

NBA betting, therefore, entails the activities of punters placing wagers on various markets within the NBA competitions. You can bet on player rebounds, assists, and the championship winner, among many other options.

NBA Betting

Differences Between Online and Offline NBA betting

Online NBA betting is where punters use their devices to bet on basketball events online through a bookmaker. Therefore, you require the internet to access the services of the bookmaker or a betting exchange site. On the other hand, offline NBA betting requires a punter to physically walk into a land-based casino and place bets on these events. The first noticeable difference is social interaction.

Online betting has the advantage of bonus offers, including a welcome offer. There are no such privileges when you visit a land-based casino. Online NBA betting allows you to use other modern features in the betting world, including bet calculator, live bets and mobile apps.

However, there are some positive attributes about offline betting compared to online betting. For example, you are more secure betting offline than submitting your details to online platforms which are prone to hackers. Again, you can withdraw immediately, and dealers will give you cash at that moment. Online betting is prone to delays as the bookmaker and banking platform seek to verify your transactions.

Betting Markets

There is a host of markets to choose from while betting on the NBA.

Moneyline: This is the most popular NBA bets. This market implies that a player bets on the team that will win the match. It doesn’t matter the margin of victory. Moneyline odds are very simple to interpret. Usually, the sportsbook you choose will use the “+” sign to indicate odds for the underdog and “-“ to show the odds for the favourite team.

Spread betting: Spread betting is also referred to as Asian handicap in NBA. This is a unique market since the bettor does not pick an outright winner or loser. If you place a spread bet on the favourite, the team has to win by a specific number of points. Betting on the underdog implies that the team should not lose by a specific number of points.

Totals betting: Total betting is another market also known as over/under betting. In this category, the bookmaker sets a threshold that involves the total number of points. If you bet over, the outcome should go beyond the threshold for you to win.

Choosing under means, you win only if the totals do not surpass the threshold. If you want to bet on multiple games, the parlays market is ideal because you can wager on many outcomes in one or more events. For example, you can bet on the Lakers to win a match, and the total score is under 210.5. Betting on more events leads to a greater reward.

Accumulator Bet: An accumulator bet involves combining multiple bets or selections into a single wager. In most cases, you are required for all the selections to win and in other cases, you get a percentage of the win when one selection loses.

Most Famous Players

When you talk about the NBA, you cannot ignore big names that spice the tournament with their unique achievements.

LeBron James: He is arguably the most well-rounded player of this generation. He is currently chasing the status of being the greatest of all time, and this is his biggest motivation.

Steph Curry: Curry joins this list as the best shooter of all time after breaking Ray Allen’s 3-point record in 2021. He has always won games by himself, and he is now leading the Warriors to the top.

Kevin Durant: Kevin Durant is another icon chasing a status among the best players that have ever graced the game. He is a great scorer with unique passing skills. He can also defend, making him an all-rounded player of modern times.

How to Bet on NBA Online?

NBA online betting is simple. If you have attained the correct betting age, you can follow the steps below to place your wager successfully:

  • Identify one of the NBA betting sites and register an account
  • Using a preferred method, fund your account within the acceptable deposit limits
  • Claim a welcome bonus in case the bookmaker has this kind of offer
  • Navigate to the ‘Sports’ section on the main menu and select ‘Basketball’ as your favourite sport
  • Under the ‘Basketball’ option, click on the NBA league to reveal a variety of games
  • Choose your favourite event and click on the odds for the likely outcome
  • The odds will automatically reflect on your bet slip
  • Enter the amount of stake, and the possible winnings will show up on the bet slip
  • Complete the process by pressing the ‘Place Bet’ button.
NBA Betting Tips

NBA Betting Tips

Successful NBA betting requires that bettors employ suitable tips. Check out a few of them below:

Use your head, not your heart

Among the NBA betting tips is that you should always bet based on the team’s current form and not your emotions. If you want to bet successfully, forget about your fantasies and expectations and shut down your feelings. You can only make money through proper analysis.

Understand the NBA history

Before committing your money on a bet, ensure you have learnt about the history of this league. Successful NBA predictions are based on the various team stats and head to head records. Individual player information will also guide you on the possibility of success of a particular team.

Familiarise yourself with the markets provided by the sportsbooks

NBA betting sites offer several markets. Each market is unique with specific requirements. Before wagering, understand the markets and choose the easier one for you to win most NBA predictions.

Home ground advantage

History has shown that over 60% of NBA games have ended in favour of the home side. However, it is not guaranteed that all home teams will win matches. This tip should only help you to exercise caution whenever you put money on travelling teams.

Live betting

This betting type is quickly gaining popularity in all sports betting events. NBA bettors can also consider using it because it allows you to study the game and bet in favour of the likely winner. Capitalize on the frequency of changing odds to win huge rewards.

Be patient

Always remember that the NBA season is long and full of events. Therefore take some periodic rests and evaluate your progress. Not all games are worth betting on; you will get another opportunity in future.

What Are NBA Betting Odds?

NBA odds are different from other sports like soccer. If you are just getting into NBA betting, you may find it very confusing. Spend some time learning how to bet on NBA finals, championships and playoffs. Odds in NBA are represented by a “-“ sign to represent the favourite. The decimal figure beside this sign shows the value of points by which the favourite is favoured. On the other hand, the “+” sign represents the underdog. The value placed besides this sign represents the points allocated to that team by the odds provider.

What Are the Best NBA Betting Strategies?

A betting strategy is vital during the moment when you are placing the bet. Some strategies to use include:

Choose events with boosted odds

As you bet, your primary goal is to make a profit. Choose events with attractive odds to help you attain this objective.

Bet early

Some bookmakers tend to adjust their odds later after opening the markets. Always bet early before odds providers change their minds to adjust the values. If you are lucky to win, you will record a bigger reward than individuals who bet later.

Place multi bets

Multiple bets will provide a greater multiplier effect because every event has its odds. Placing multi bets means all the events’ odds will be multiplied to provide a huge possible win.

NBA Betting Review

The NBA is a top league followed across the world. Punters should take advantage of its popularity to wager on the massive events that it offers. Many bookmakers operating in South Africa have boosted odds to attract players. The betting procedure is straightforward, and you are likely to earn a welcome bonus and other offers to boost your bankroll. Take advantage of the numerous betting markets to enjoy a fruitful betting encounter.

Other Basketball Tournaments

Apart from the NBA, you can bet on other popular global events discussed below.

Basketball World Cup

The FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international tournament featuring senior men’s national teams. Participating teams must be FIBA members. The World Cup event is rotational after four years, so punters can watch out for some mouth-watering fixtures whenever the event is due.


This league features top European basketball clubs. There are 18 teams, although three Russian teams have been suspended because of the conflict existing between Russia and Ukraine. The Euroleague was formed in 2000, and it has since offered a lot of competition to popular leagues, including the NBA.


Basketball is one of the sports among many other disciplines during the Olympics. It is a competition for national teams, both men and women. America has the best record in the Olympics in the men’s team, having won 16 out of 19 competitions. As you place wagers on basketball during the Olympics, there is no doubt that America will be listed among the favourites in all fixtures.

European Championships

This competition is also known as EuroBasket. It is the main basketball event in Europe that involves senior men’s national teams. The competition comes up after four years. Participants must, however, be members of FIBA.

How to Bet on NBA in South Africa – FAQ

How can I bet on NBA in South Africa?

Create an account with a favourite bookmaker and bet on favourite NBA events.

What does NBA bet mean?

NBA bet is a prediction that involves any event in the NBA competition.

How do NBA betting spreads work?

Spreads work by predicting the number of points by which the favourite will win or those by which the underdog will lose because it does not involve an outright winner.

What does +5 mean in basketball betting?

It means the winning bet resulting from an outright win or if the team loses by a number under 5.

What is plus and minus in NBA?

These are odds representations where plus is for the underdog while minus is for the favourite.

18+. Deposit and Place a qualified bet on Sportsbook markets of your choice at odds of evens 1/1 (2.00) or greater. T&Cs apply.