NBA Betting December,2023 | How to Bet on NBA in Kenya?

27 November 2023
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Looking to learn about NBA Betting in Kenya? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide on how to bet on NBA while utilising the odds offered on the best betting sites.

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NBA Betting Explained

NBA is a famous basketball league in the US. It is the biggest event in the country, and for this reason, punters in Kenya and other parts of the world have embraced the league to place wagers on different markets.

Essentially, NBA betting involves the services of bookmakers to provide odds on the variety of markets in the league. If you choose the NBA, you can wager on assists, rebounds, highest scorers, and other events.

How To BetOn NBA

Differences between Online and Offline NBA Betting

There is a massive disparity between online and offline NBA betting. Online betting is where you access a bookmaker through the internet using a device.

On the other hand, offline betting is where a bettor goes to a brick-and-mortar casino to wager on NBA events with the help of casino operators. While in the casino, you can engage in other social interactions where you make friends and tell gaming stories.

Online betting does not provide a platform for interaction; you simply stay indoors and analyse games on your terms. It is suitable for reserved players because you can bet on events in a closed-door location.

NBA online betting can get you some offers, including the welcome bonus released automatically. While betting offline, the operators may deny you the offer or forget about it.

Online betting transforms with time, where punters can enjoy modern features like mobile apps and live bets. This is not the case with offline betting. In fact, some casinos still have facilities that were used many years ago.

The operator will not need to incur any costs to renew them as long as they can still function.

Offline NBA betting also has its merits compared to online betting. For instance, you will not require submitting any personal and banking details in a land-based casino and expose yourself to cybercrime.

When you win a bet, the operators in the casino will offer the reward to you immediately. You will not be subjected to any delays in transaction verification.

Betting Markets

Since NBA is a global event, you can expect massive betting markets.

Moneyline: where you bet on the likely team to win the match. As long as the team you choose wins, you get the reward despite the margin. The Moneyline market has a unique display of odds which is very easy to interpret.

For instance, the ‘-‘ represents the odds for the favourite team while ‘+’ represents the odds for the underdog.

Spread Betting: Here, you are not supposed to choose an outright winner or loser of an event. If you choose a favourite team to win, you only state the specific number of points by which the team will win.

If you favour the underdog, your bet will include the number of points by which the team should not lose.

Totals betting: It is similar to football’s over/under market. Here, the sportsbook will set a threshold for the total number of points.

If you predict over, the total points of the event should exceed the threshold, but the under-market means all the points should come below the threshold.

Parlay Bets: Betting on multiple events is also possible through the parlays market. You can bet on several markets in a single event or several events. However, all these events should be tailored to fit on a single bet slip.

An example of the parlays market includes a bet on Golden State Warriors to win and the total score being 215.5. Combining many events in a parlay bet leads to a more significant win.

Futures: In this market, you will be wagering on the upcoming match before the season begins.

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Most Famous Players

The NBA boasts rich talent that has boosted the value of this league. Many players have grown into household names due to their performances and contributions to their teams.

For instance, you cannot talk about the NBA without mentioning LeBron James. He plays for the Lakers and rates among the most all-rounded players. He is chasing the status of the greatest of all time.

Golde State Warriors have Steph Curry as their bravest warrior, having broken a long-standing 3-point record by Ray Allen in 2021. Steph has the driving force to win games through his precise shooting prowess.

Closing the top three is Kevin Durant, who is equally all-rounded. He complements his teammates through qualities like defence, passing, and shooting.

How to Bet on NBA Online?

Despite the low uptake of basketball betting events in Kenya, most NBA betting sites offering services in the country have a sports section that includes this sport.

When you choose to bet on basketball, the most dominant league you will come across is the NBA. Below is a guide on how to bet on NBA successfully:

How to bet on NBA in Kenya?

  1. Choose your favourite bookmaker and create an account

  2. Deposit money in your account and claim the sign-up bonus if it is available

  3. Explore the main menu bar and click the ‘Sports’ icon

  4. On the new page with various sports disciplines, select ‘Basketball’

  5. Open the link to reveal various leagues and choose NBA

  6. Under the NBA, pick a favourite event and click the odds for your preferred outcome. The odds will reflect on the bet slip

  7. Enter the stake amount and press the ‘Place Bet’ button to complete the process.

NBA Betting Tips

As you launch your betting session, you need to employ a few NBA betting tips below to boost your betting chances.

Stay patient

Betting requires that you take regular breaks to strategise. Patience will help you to evaluate your losses and wins. The NBA season is long enough to provide you win enough betting chances, so avoid betting on games that are not worthy.

Try the live betting market

Live betting is an ideal market because you do not need a lot of research. Events allow you to read the game before placing a bet.

The odds may not be favourable, but you can gain steadily and progressively.

Home ground advantage

A home team will likely win in favour of a travelling team. However, this is not entirely true because other factors will always come into play.

Statistics show that around 60% of NBA games have ended with the home side winning. This data can only guide you to exercise caution on where to commit your money.

Study the markets offered by the bookmaker

Bookmakers offering NBA odds have different markets. Before you wager, peruse the markets and establish that you are familiar with them.

Choose the easiest type to make NBA predictions even if the odds are low. You better make little profits than lose the entire bet.

Research the NBA history

The success of a team depends on the quality of the players. Take some time and learn the history of the teams before wagering. Research also helps you understand head-to-head records and other team stats to guide you in making predictions.

Use your head, not your heart

Rely on the current form of your favourite team and not how you feel about it. Even if you are a staunch fan, remember that the team can also lose. Therefore, shut down your fantasies and perform a proper analysis.

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What are NBA Betting Odds?

There is a slight disparity between NBA odds and other sports. They are recorded uniquely, and you may not understand them if you are just a beginner. NBA odds are different from football odds because of their presentation.

For instance, the odds for the underdog are presented with a ‘+’ sign, while those of the favourite is presented with a ‘-‘ sign. After the signs, a decimal figure indicates the points allocated by the odds provider to the relevant teams.

What are the Best NBA Betting Strategies?

The following are ideal NBA betting strategies that you can employ at the exact betting moment:

Place multi bets

Place parlay bets with several events on a single bet slip. However, you must analyse your events properly to guarantee that all NBA predictions are accurate. Multiple events will raise your reward through a greater multiplying effect of the odds.

Bet early

Place your NBA wager as soon as the markets open. Depending on the circumstances, you will be lucky to find attractive odds before the bookmaker decides to change them. Early bettors who win will always have greater rewards.

Select matches with boosted odds

Odds play a significant role in betting because they determine the chance of a winning bet. While wagering, choose enhanced odds that will boost your bets.

NBA Betting Review

Despite the popularity of the NBA across the world, there are very few Kenyans who bet on it. Football has taken over many events that overshadow basketball betting.

However, NBA betting sites have provided adequate events with competitive odds for the few players who love this sport. You can visit any reliable bookmaker and create an account to receive a welcome bonus to use for betting.

Most NBA markets are easy to interpret. Learn how to bet on them, and you could increase your betting scope by adding one more sport to your catalogue.

Other Basketball Tournaments

Basketball Word Cup

FIBA holds a rotational 4-year event for senior men’s national teams worldwide.


This league was formed in 2000. It comprises top European basketball clubs.


This competition occurs among other Olympics events, with America dominating other national teams.

European Championships

This tournament happens after every four years. Participants are FIBA members comprising senior men’s national teams in Europe.

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How to Bet on NBA in Kenya – FAQ

How can I bet on NBA in Kenya?

Register an account with a credible betting site and choose favourable NBA events.

What does NBA bet mean?

It is a wager placed by a punter on any NBA event or market.

How do NBA betting spreads work?

They work by allocating points to favourites and predicting points by which the underdog will not lose.

What does +5 mean in basketball betting?

+5 refers to a bet resulting from an outright win or if the team loses by a number below 5.

What are the plus and minus in the NBA?

A plus represents NBA odds for the underdog and a minus for the favourite.

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