How to Withdraw from Lulabet in South Africa? Our Jul 2024 Complete Guide

20 July 2024

Once you have positive funds in your betting account, you can complete the Lulabet withdrawal process.

Moreover, customers have several Lulabet withdrawal options with this online bookmaker. In this review you can:

  • Discover all the key steps necessary to make a withdrawal.
  • Learn about available withdrawal methods at Lulabet.
  • Find out about the restrictions when setting up a withdrawal from this South African betting site.

🔍 How Do I Make a Withdrawal With Lulabet in South Africa?

Before you can start betting at this site, you must learn how to withdraw from Lulabet. In addition, you must complete the Lulabet registration before you can withdraw funds.

Here you can find a complete guide about the Lulabet withdrawal process. Overall, the steps take a few minutes to complete. However, different withdrawal options have specific process times that range from instant to 48 hours.

To discover more about how to withdraw from Lulabet, follow the steps below.

  1. First, log on to your personal Lulabet account via the homepage.
Lulabet Login
  1. Second, go to the wallet page and click withdrawal.
Lulabet Withdrawal
  1. Next you can select your preferred Lulaet method from the list.
  2. Enter your payment details.
  3. Check if all information is correct and click confirm.
  4. Then your funds will be sent to your chosen payment provider.

💳 What Are the Different Ways to Withdraw From Lulabet in South Africa

Presently, bettors have many different Lulabet withdrawal methods available to use. These range from in-person options, such as ATM and in-store payments to online bank transfers.

However, the Lulabet withdrawal rules state that players must complete a withdrawal request online first. Then bettors can collect their funds or wait for a transaction to complete, depending on the withdrawal options used.

To find out more about the Lulabet withdrawal methods, check out each section below. Also, you will find more details about withdrawal times and potential fees.

Different Ways to Withdraw From Lulabet in South Africa


One of the most popular Lulabet withdrawal options is via ATM. Currently, players can submit an ATM withdrawal request online, receive an SMS pin and get funds from the nearest ATM machine. Also, processing times are instant, but there are lower minimum and maximum fees for this method.

FNB eWallet

FNB is a popular South African banking provider. At present, bettors with an FNB account can use the eWallet services to take funds from their Lulabet account. Overall, using the FNB ewallet is easy and Lulabet withdrawal fees do not apply to this option.

Standard Bank Instant Money

Another one of the Lulabet withdrawal methods linked with a bank is Standard Bank Instant Money. Here players can link their Standard Bank online account with their Lulabet profile. Then you can send funds between the two accounts quickly and efficiently.


Today, customers can complete both a Lulabet deposit and withdrawal with Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs). Via this option, players can link their preferred bank account to withdraw from this betting site. Overall, many banks are available via EFT. Although, fees and transaction times can be higher for this option.


Lastly, current Lulabet withdrawal methods allow players to collect funds in store. Some of the popular retailers that allow withdrawals include Spar, Rhino, Cambridge Food, Checkers, Choppies. However, bettors must complete their withdrawal request online first. Then you can receive funds in person from your nearest store.

Withdraw MethodsAverage processing timeWithdrawal limit
FNB eWallet24-48 hoursR250,000
Standard Bank Instant Money24-48 hoursR250,000
EFT24-48 hoursR250,000

🛡️ Restrictions and Conditions For Withdrawing From Lulabet in South Africa

Moreover, before you learn how to withdraw from Lulabet, you must be aware of different bookmaker conditions for withdrawals.

Currently, bettors must adhere to certain Lulabet withdrawal rules. Also, when you join the bookmaker, you agree to terms and conditions that outline these rules. Failure to meet particular rules can lead to eventual withdrawal problems, such as delays and failed payments.

Here, you can discover more about the payment rules at this online bookmaker.

FICA Verification

First, players must provide valid FICA-compliant documents before using any Lulabet withdrawal options. Bettors must upload a copy of a valid ID form, such as a passport or driver’s license. Then once your identity is verified, you can use all of the brand’s betting services.

Moreover, new players can complete the FICA verification via the Lulabet app. Simply head to your account settings and follow the FICA document upload instructions.

Online Requests

Second, all withdrawal requests must be made online first. Then bettors can either collect funds from an ATM, in-store, or wait for the money to clear via EFT. But, be aware that some Lulabet withdrawal fees might apply for EFT or online-only payments.

✅ To Conclude – Withdrawal With Lulabet in South Africa

Overall, the Lulabet withdrawal process is quick and straightforward for players with a valid account. In addition, bettors have many different withdrawal options available including EFT, ATM, and bank payments.

However, before you attempt to withdraw from Lulabet steps, be aware of some payment rules. For instance, you must provide your FICA documents and meet the minimum and maximum payment limits. Also, pay attention to any applicable Lulabet withdrawal time rules.

If you want to discover more about the Lulabet services and betting options, check out the complete Lulabet review.

❓ Lulabet Withdrawal – FAQs

Lastly, you can find answers to customers’ most common questions about the Lulabet withdrawal process.

Bettors have Lulabet withdrawal options today. These include payments via ATM, EFT, Standard Bank Instant Money, FNB eWallet and in-store.

Currently, the Lulabet withdrawal process can range from instant to 48 hours. Check the payment processing time before you begin the withdrawal steps.

At present, there are no Lulabet fees associated with withdrawals. However, some bank providers may charge for EFT payments from the bookmaker. Double-check with your banking brand for fees before setting up an EFT payment.

Before bettors can make withdrawals, place bets or access the Lulabet promo code, they must verify their account. To complete this important step, upload the appropriate documents via your account settings.

Sometimes, you might encounter Lulabet withdrawal problems. To solve any payment problems, first check your internet connection is secure and quick. Also, check you have met all minimum/maximum withdrawal amounts. Although, if issues continue over time, contact the bookmaker with your concern.